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6 Tips for Surviving Your Master’s Dissertation.

Tomorrow, it will be exactly 3 months to the deadline of my Masters dissertation submission date. The nerves are already building. I feel like I am drastically behind schedule, with so far some reading done as I lay down the first few lines of my literature review, and some background work to help with structuring the entire dissertation. As I embark on this journey, following the recent acquisition of feedback from the dissertation proposal, here are some of the strategies I am employing to attain my target grade of at least a 75%. 

Let’s get to it!!

Step 1 – Start! Start doing something

  • Read. 
  • Watch YouTube videos on writing a dissertation. 
  • Listen to a podcast or iTunesU episode on the topic during downtime or commutes. 

Just do something and in no time, you’ll have the motivation to tackle the meat of it.

Step 2 – Talk to your supervisor

Talk to your supervisor. Email them! A simple 5 minute chat with them could yield new directions and areas to explore to get started. Ask!! I’m still figuring out their style of supervision and how we should interact in ways that are productive for both of us. We’ve met twice already and it seems to be going well.

Step 3 – Grab a book on how to write dissertations

Or maybe even take a look at a few dissertations. You probably already knew that though.

Here’s what I’m reading. 

6 tips for surviving your master's dissertation

Step 4 – Have a strong network of friends around you

Don’t be a lone wolf! You won’t survive. Meet others in your course who you know are good students or hardworking and maybe they could infuse some of that motivation into you. 

Step 5 – Exercise!

It doesn’t need to be a gym. 3 times a week, I take intense 30 – 45 minute LES MILLS classes of spinning, GRIT, Core and others. It’s a good way to de-stress and get my energy up.

Step 6 – Eat and sleep well

I try to get to bed before midnight and aim to wake up by 8. That’s a solid night’s sleep though right? Also, I’ve noticed that breakfast for me is crucial. Whenever I skip breakfast for whatever reason, around midday, I start getting a headache. On days that I have a decent breakfast. Nothing! 

If you have any other suggestions to help myself and others on this journey, do get in touch! 

Wish you the best of luck! ✌?

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