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Home Security Systems UK

The 5 Best Home Security Camera Systems in the UK

Home security systems in the UK have grown significantly in sophistication and range over the last few years. Smarter technology allows UK residents to do outdoor video surveillance easily even when out and about. The best home security systems on the market are now easy to

Contact Form 7 Template Code

How To Use Contact Form 7: The Ultimate Guide

Contact form 7 is a popular WordPress plugin that is easy to install and use. Whether you have a WordPress website or a blog, a contact form is a useful tool to generate leads or increase woocommerce sales. Instead of asking your readers to reach

Philips Hue Apps | Smart Home

The 5 Best Philips Hue Apps For iOS and Android

The Philips Hue lighting system uses an open API, so there are several apps available to control the lights and implement extra features or effects beyond the official app. These apps allow you to create some really cool-looking presets in just a few seconds or


NON-STG PURCH FEE On Bank Statement Explained

If you live in the UK and have a UK bank account with Lloyds bank, Halifax, Barclays or any other UK bank, you might see the NON-STG PURCH FEE on your bank statement. There are a number of reasons why this charge may appear on

Weird Websites

24 Weird Websites You Should Visit Right Now

The internet is full of useful content. However, there are enough creative people in this world who like to experiment with it. We have compiled a list of 22 weird websites to make your day. Some of these websites are creepy and some are experimental.

Data Leak Causes

Top 10 Causes of Data Leaks and How To Stop It From Happening

A data leak causes many problems for organisations, whether big or small. In 2016, several big brands were hacked leading to some serious security concerns about the safety of customer information. Yahoo (December 2016), LinkedIn (May 2016), and MySpace (May 2016) were on the list

Safest Twitter Bots & Automation Tools

The Safest Twitter Bots & Automation Tools To Use

A few weeks ago, my friend realised that his twitter account was slowing down. He was not receiving the regular engagement on his posts like he used to. His likes and comments were down and his follower growth also slowed down significantly so he decided