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Email Marketing Software

7 Ultimate Email Marketing Software Tools For Real Results

Email marketing software is one of the most powerful things any business can possibly have – as part of an effective email marketing strategy, you should always analyze and choose the best software that can help you achieve your business goals. Email is a channel

SendPulse Review | Email Marketing Software

SendPulse Review: Email Artificial Intelligence

This SendPulse review is part of our commitment to provide our readers with the best recommendations for growing a business online. Email marketing software is essential to getting new customers and retaining existing ones and after trying out SendPulse we are giving a genuine review of

Best Web Hosting

4 Absolute Best Web Hosting Providers For 2018

The best web hosting providers in this article are reviewed based on a combination of server speed, uptime, cost and support options. These 4 web hosting providers will be sure to get your website running within a few minutes whether you are setting up a
Twitter Followers

The Reason You Are Seeing A Drop In Your Twitter Follower Count

Twitter is taking great steps to ensure that their network is more reliable in terms of user behavior and follower counts. At the beginning of the year, they announced through a Tweet that they would begin taking real action against any user that was violating

What Is SEO?

What Is SEO? The Perfect Definition and How It Works

What is SEO really? SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization – it is the process of increasing traffic to your website from organic search results. We have all Googled something before, and when you search for any information using a search engine like Google,

Mailchimp Alternatives

9 Badass MailChimp Alternatives For Effortless Email Marketing

MailChimp alternatives have become very common in the last 3 years. You can get cheaper options with much nicer templates, better user experience, and quick support. In every market, there is always a dominant player. Just like Amazon is dominating the online retail market, MailChimp

Setting up a blog

Setting Up A Successful Blog In 2018

Setting up this blog about 8 months ago was a big step for me. I always knew about WordPress and bloggers who were able to earn passive income from writing articles but I always thought the process of setting up a blog was complex until

Twitter Search History

Twitter Search Data & History: How To Clear It Quickly

New Twitter features have been released to give you more control over the content you post, what you see in search and how your behavior affects your account. Twitter has added new features steadily over the past few years, with advanced search and their push

Twitter Shadowban Tester

If you are looking to test whether you are banned on Twitter, there is a new way to check which we have outlined below. New Twitter rules are starting to take effect and you should read this post to find out more and get in