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Linkedin Lead Generation: 5 Simple Steps To Get New Leads Using Your Free Linkedin Account

LinkedIn Lead Generation
With over 500 Million members and now part of Microsoft, LinkedIn has become a huge force to reckon with. One of the most underused or perhaps underestimated power of your LinkedIn account is the ability to build relationships using your already existing contacts and build interest in your business. Getting leads from LinkedIn may seem [...]
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Negotiating Using The ‘One-Win Everything’ Technique By The Dalai Lama

dalai lama - one win eerything
In the past we have been taught to negotiate using the win-lose and win-win technique. Both techniques are made to favour your outcome ultimately, however the Dalai-Lama has a new technique: the 'one-win everything' - the more peaceful and thoughtful way to negotiate, where togetherness and compassion will ultimately bring us closer to world peace. The [...]
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