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entrepreneur quotes

12 Breathtaking Entrepreneur Quotes To Delight You

As an entrepreneur, you face a lot of challenges and most of us constantly need inspiration whether in the form of entrepreneur quotes, case studies or success stories. The path to becoming an entrepreneur and actually living that life is heavily glamourized but in reality,

Mobile Apps For Business

5 Most Important Mobile Apps For Business

Small and large businesses alike are running more efficiently thanks to a plethora of well-designed functional mobile apps for businesses that take the effort out of reaching new prospects, paying suppliers on time, communicating with internal team members and even complying with state laws and

Rosam Care Website

Rosam Care – Digital Marketing and Web Design Case Study

Hello readers, As you all know, I have been providing digital marketing services to small business owners in the UK over the last few months and I have just completed an exciting project I want to share with you! After a few months of working

Brand Personality Examples

3 Brand Personality Examples to Help Boost Your Brand

Having a strong brand personality is one of the most important things you can do as a brand  to ensure that your customers keep coming back and also bring their friends along to buy from you. Today, with the proliferation of digital technologies and social

How To Promote Your Business Locally

5 Ways to Promote Your Business Locally

All business owners want to succeed right from the start by growing their business quickly, generating sales leads organically and make a profit, however if you want your dreams to become a reality,you must start off by thinking small. Before you take on the world,

Coffee Business Ideas

6 Great Coffee Business Ideas To Start Today

With over 100 million coffee drinkers in the United States alone, the coffee business is booming. If you have ever considered combining your entrepreneurial spirit with your love of coffee, this is  the right time to start a coffee business. For your coffee business to