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What Is FTPE WEBTIS 1 On Your Bank Statement?


If you have a UK bank account and recently travelled to Manchester or anywhere else in the UK using train tickets you purchased online, you may see FTPE WEBTIS 1 on your bank statement.

Cheap Train Tickets UK | FTPE Webtis 1On the train back from Manchester where I shared my tips on using LinkedIn to generate free leads, I logged into my Lloyds Bank account while eating my daily dose of brain foods and came across the FTPE WEBTIS 1 code and quickly jumped online to find out what it was.

I quickly realised that the £29.00 charge was taken out of my account for train tickets to Manchester I had bought online using FIRST TRANSPENNINE EXPRESS.

So that explains what FTPE WEBTIS 1 is on your bank charge! FTPE stands for First Transpennine Express.


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