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22 Weird Websites You Should Visit Right Now

Weird websites are fun, creepy and pointless at the same time. In all our years of using the internet, we have found that it is full of useful content but there are also a lot of creative people in this world who like to experiment.

If you are a regular Reddit user, you must have come across lists of the most unusual websites, cool websites and even disturbing websites that are useless and have absolutely no purpose.

If you are bored, we have compiled a list of 22 weird websites to make your day. Some of these websites are creepy and some are experimental. These weird websites will make you think about restricting access to the internet based on IQ level of the people. Have a look below:

Top 22 Weird Websites On The Internet Today:

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This basically contains an image of a potato. Yes, you read that right!


Just click on it. Boredom is a hell of a drug. Kudos to the creator of this site for putting in so much work into creating this masterpiece.


Flightradar24 is actually quite useful. It is still weird but not because it is creepy or useless, but because it is difficult to know how it  was developed and the privacy implications of this.

This website allows you to track every plane of this planet and no, you can’t find UFOs or military planes with this.


Tired of your boss’s tantrums or caught up in an incident of road rage? Don’t worry because this website offers a perfect solution to vent out your frustration.

Just hit the big buzzer of the website and see the effect. They even have an android app!


Planning to create a new doomsday cult? Well, open this one to go through various doomsday possibilities. You must really give credit to the developer of this website.

He seems to have done some thorough research before displaying all doomsday scenarios.


This one is a bit complicated. It is supposed to display various secret technologies around the world. However, the creator of this website seems to have fallen short of ideas.


According to this website, the Beatles never broke up, but rather have been secretly recording their songs. It also shows a cassette of Beatles.


If you are looking for a conspiracy theory website, this is the right website for you. It contains everything from aliens to ghosts.


Interested in dating zombies? This website is a great dating website for zombie lovers. If you are still not able to understand and truly freaked out, they are real people who use zombie avatars (oops…SPOILER ALERT).


Travel into the future with this website. It constantly updates news from the future and shows how humanity and technology exist together.


A perfect website that shares pictures of cats dropping and bouncing up and down. You can also make it rain cats!

weird websites


This one might be politically incorrect. Have a look and enjoy shooting the character shown on this website.


This is a limit to obsession but this website will really freak you out. If you are a true Arnold fan, then you are bound to hate this website.


If you think that you have seen all, just open this one.


Dogs, Dogs and more Dogs. This is suited for dog lovers (In case you could not already tell).


I guess the name says it all.


Try to survive the adventure of this cat.


A very relaxing way to refresh your mood.


Give this website access to your camera and microphone. I am sure that the next few hours would be scariest of your life.


This one will motivate you to do best in your life.


They claim to work on behalf of the government to ensure the survival of humanity. You should be grateful to them.


There you have it! 22 weird websites that will make your day. Share your own weird web experiences in the comments below.

Why Do These Weird Websites Exist?

The main point of these weird websites is to be funny, creepy, and unusual. They serve to make light of all the serious people who believe that the internet should only be used for serious material. I guarantee that you will throw your laptop or smartphone away once you visit the websites on this list.

In all fairness some of the sites listed have cool designs but with that being said, they still serve no purpose.