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Marketing Your Fashion Brand Using Social Media

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Social media marketing has been used by fashion brands to increase sales and engage with their consumers for years. From Facebook ads and quality content to competitions and automation, discover the 6 techniques to use when marketing your brand on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Starting a clothing is probably one of the best home business ideas out there but it requires some work to increase brand awareness.

Fashion Brands and Social Media

Fashion consumers crave inspiration, innovation, style, uniqueness and beauty, making the fashion industry one of the most challenging industries in the world.

Using social media to market your fashion brand is no exception to this, it is very important to the success of any successful online marketing campaign to have a creative and unique style to help you stand out and differentiate you from competitors.

New fashion brands have a lot of great opportunities with social media if they use it right; It can help increase online sales, build credibility and engage with new and existing customers.

Fashion Marketing on Social MediaHow Social Media Affects Fashion

Social media has changed the fashion industry! It has given the opportunity for the average consumer to have a two-way conversation with fashion designers, outlets and magazines.

Before the days of social media, fashion marketing campaigns were done using billboard ads, magazine editorials and television commercials.

This was a one way system where the brand sent out communication to the consumer and had limited ways of hearing back from consumers instantly.

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Fashion industry digital marketing has changed so much now that a brand can use their social media account solely to sell clothing.

Take Fashionnova for example, with their use of lifestyle imagery, the clothing items are shown in a natural light, giving consumers an idea of how it looks in real life.

Here are six ways you can use social media advertising for your fashion brand:

1. Become Creative On Social Media

Generate engagement from your audience by offering quality content in various formats that make use of video, blog content, quotes and free giveaways.

The 2015 London Fashion Week for example was ruled by videos and live streams by various fashion brands like Mary Kantrauzou.

This gave consumers the chance to engage with the fashion brands rather than just waiting until the event was over before seeing images of the clothes.

As a new entrepreneur you could host a launch party for your new clothing line and live stream it on Facebook to your fans instead of just posting images afterwards.

In addition, you could post the images on Instagram and tag the products using the Instagram product tagging option.


  1. Use video to increase engagement.
  2. Tag your products in Instagram images to increase sales.
  3. Use contests and giveaways to get people talking about your brand.

2. Invest Time and Money To Build The Online Brand

Your social media brand has to be appealing to the digital audience. This requires some investment, but the return on investment will be worth it because social media has been reported to increase eCommerce engagement for fashion brands by as much as 3 times more than traditional methods.

Social media platforms are among the most important marketing platforms and having the right budget for your campaigns is crucial for success.


  1. Use social media ads wisely to launch new products.
  2. Engage regularly with your audience to keep the connection.

3. Know your Market and Target Audience

Any fashion designer or entrepreneur should have an idea of the type of people they are targeting. Knowing the interests of your customers will help develop your advertising strategy, build better engagement and ultimately help your brand grow.

This could be as simple as knowing where they are based, the kind of music they listen to, who influences their behavior and where they spend their time online. This will inform which channels you use to advertise to them.


  1. Do initial research to find out your audience interests.
  2. Use a tools like Combin to find out who your followers are influenced by.

4. Know How Social Media Networks Operate

Each network is different and the content requirements that go along with that will need to suit the platform. For instance, while using Facebook or Instagram for marketing, endeavor to create more visual content, using photos and video to make sharing easier for the audience.

Twitter on the other hand can be used as a casual means of reaching out to customers, giving news and updates about your brand and sharing promotions. In all instances you need to tell an engaging story and focus on providing value to your consumers.


  1. Share style tips.
  2. Do frequent giveaways.
  3. Ask your followers to take images of themselves wearing your products.

5. Provide Good Customer Service:

Paying attention to complaints and the feedback of customers on social media can play a big part in achieving great customer service.

You can provide great customer service by tracking and listening out for any mentions of your brand or product name using a free social media management tool like Hootsuite.


  1. Deal with customer queries immediately.
  2. Listen out for your brand mentions.
  3. Reply to customers on social media.

6. Interact With Your Followers Regularly

Keep your social media pages active by regularly posting and updating your followers about your brand and other relevant content. You can do this simply by asking a simple question related to recent events or replying to comments.

You need to show the human side of your brand and form a real connection with your followers.

Facebook clothing ads | Fashion MarketingBest Social Media Platforms to Promote your Fashion Brand

Facebook & Instagram can offer a platform where small fashion brands can promote and showcase unique ideas, promote new styles and validate designs.

To become more appealing to your audience, offer a lifestyle instead of constantly bombarding them with daily website offers.

Twitter is a great conversion channel. It is not a channel to spam people with promos, sales and discounts. It is used mostly to create a community around your brand.

To be successful, follow other brands that are similar to yours and offer entertaining and educational content.

Create some hashtags for your brand  and promote those hashtags, or, you can raid popular trending hashtags for your benefit. Always respond to Twitter mentions, as they can help expand your audience.


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