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Philips Hue Apps: 10 Excellent Options For iOS and Android

Philips Hue apps are an excellent addition to your home when you want to increase automation. These apps can help with lighting schedules and even music.

The Philips Hue lighting system uses an open API, so there are several apps available to control the lights and implement extra features or effects beyond the official app. These apps allow you to create some really cool-looking presets in just a few seconds or sync the lights with your TV or music system. Here are the 5 best Philips Hue apps to get:

Philips Hue Apps



Price: $2.99
O/S: iOS
Main feature: You can get a fantastic lightshow with this app.

Whether you’re throwing a dance party or just chilling and enjoying some soothing music, Ambify will sync your music and lights, creating a great light show with a rhythm that matches your music. Few apps can achieve the kind of light show that Ambify creates. The app simply allows you to completely transform your surroundings instantly, keeping it that way all night long.

Hue Disco

Price: $3.99
O/S: iOS and Android
Main feature: Disco lights are now possible with Hue Disco.

Hue Disco is one of the best Philips Hue apps for parties. It leverages Hue’s ability to change with sound. All you need to do is play the music with the app running. The lights will change color and go from dim to bright. There are several features and options available, but you’ll need a Philips Hue Controller to get this app to work.


OnSwitch | Philips Hue Apps

Price: $0 – $9.99
O/S: Android & iOS
Main feature: Changes the ambiance of your space and can set the mood.

If you want to create some of the coolest lighting effects ever, then OnSwitch has got you covered. The subtle lighting effects will change the ambiance of your space. You can go from winter to the desert colors of Albuquerque instantly. The best way to create a particular mood is with OnSwitch. You don’t have to use the flashy lights created by other music apps. This app OnSwitch will transport you to a different places or seasons.


Lightbow | Philips Hue Apps

Price: $4.99
O/S: iOS
Main feature: Feature-rich app packed with many presets not available in other apps.

None of the other apps are as feature-rich as Lightbow. The app is packed with many features and can control Philips Hue, LIFX, and WeMo lights. It comes with presets, triggers and animations, which enables users to quickly make changes. The app features several effect transitions, single-tap activation, multi-step animation loops and the ability to manage your collections. Even if you’ve got a mix of lights, LightBow can manage all at once.


Price: $0 (In-app purchases)
O/S: Android
Main feature: Enhances the movie or gaming experience and is perfect for parties.

Huey is the best choice for a different type of party. Perfect for use in gaming or movie parties, it can be used to illuminate the screen and get the lights to look really cool. Watching your favorite sports or movies is made even more awesome with the right lighting. As tension mounts, Huey will help enhance your gaming or TV experience.

Using Philips Hue Apps

The Philips Hue system is excellent for your home, but extra cool Philips hue apps like these can make it even more desirable. Give these 5 apps a try and you will experience the power that Hue lights can offer.