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“No Hue Connection”: How To Fix Philips Hue Connection Issues

Philips Hue lights are some of the best smart home lighting equipment out there, however like any piece of tech they are not without their faults.

Here, we will present some of the most common issues that you can come across while using Philips Hue lights and their solutions.

Please Note: The Philips Hue Starter Kit on Amazon comes with two bulbs and a bridge.

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Issue #1 – The Hue Bridge Cannot Command Your Hue bulbs

It gets quite frustrating when your Philip Hue app is not allowing you to add lights. There are however a few steps you can take to solve this problem.

The lights on your bridge mean something, here they are:

Philips Hue Bridge Light Meaning

  • The first light means the bridge is receiving power.
  • The second light means it is successfully connected to a network.
  • The third light shows that your bridge has internet connectivity.
  • The fourth light shows that the Hue app has control of the lights. If any of the light does not light, then you need to reconnect the bridge again.

Depending on which lights are not showing, you either have an issue with your power, internet connection or bulb communication.

To connect your Hue bridge to the Hue bulbs first ensure the bulbs are actually Hue bulbs. Hue bridge app can only find hue bulbs specifically and since other Philips products look just like the Hue bulbs check to make sure you are using the right ones.

Through the app, you can auto search or manual search for bulbs to add to the Hue Bridge. Sometimes the auto search function is inefficient so we recommend you use the manual search.

After finding the bulb on the app, you will need to insert the additional bulb(s) serial number and hit OK. You can add up to 50 to one bridge!

If the bulbs are still unreachable after a successful addition, check whether the bulbs are turned on. Also make sure the bulbs are near each other for them to receive signals from other bulbs and the Hue Bridge.

Issue #2 – Philips Hue Lights Unreachable

When you turn on one of the Philips Hue bulb without using the Philips Hue app or your Amazon Echo, there is a high chance that will cause connectivity issues. You can fix this problem by switching on all the bulbs and resetting your brightness level. If this fails to work:

a. Open the Philips Hue app,

b. Go to settings,

c. Tap on light setup

d. Search for the bulb/s that the app can’t control

e. Erase the bulb/s and add it again

If you are using the Amazon Echo, simply ask Alexa to turn off the lights and turn them back on.

Issue #3 – No Hue Connection

It’s almost impossible to avoid this kind of problem. If it happens, it is really likely that your lights have stopped communicating with the bridge.

You should check your internet connection by looking at light #4 on the Hue bridge and possibly restart your bridge. It also helps to manually turn the lights off and on again 🙂

Issue #4 – Flickering and Buzzing Bulbs

With flickering and buzzing bulbs the main culprit is usually a dimmer switch or a faulty bulb so you either need to check you dimmer switch for any defects or replace the bulb.

Issue #5 – Amazon Alexa and Philips Hue Connection Problems

If the Amazon Echo does not connect to your Philips Hue here is the solution:

a. Restart both the Philips Hue bridge and the Echo.

b. Disable and re-enable the Philips Hue skill using your Alexa app.

c. Use the Forget option in the Alexa app to disconnect your bridge from the Echo
and try to link them again.

Please Note: Make sure your Bridge and the Amazon Echo are connected to the same WiFi network. This is not necessary but it helps with the pairing.

Philips HueOther Things To Consider

Ensure the group name assigned to your Philips Hue setup in the Alexa app is easily
understood by Alexa.

For example, if the group name is Tbler00m lights, rename it to table-room lights by opening the app on your smart phone and renaming it there. You can also create a better group name and add your device to the group.

The bottom line is that nothing is ever perfect, sometimes gadgets fail to function as expected, but with this guide guide you should be able to resolve the issues all by yourself. Grab the Philips Hue White Starter Kit here.

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