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6 Dirty LinkedIn Sponsored Content Mistakes To Avoid

LinkedIn sponsored content promotions are a great way of targeting the right decision makers in any company around the world.

In our detailed article about how to run an advertising campaign on LinkedIn, we explained the different options available to you and how to increase ROI through LinkedIn.

In this article, we will be explaining 5 different misconceptions people have about LinkedIn ads and why they are inhibiting your current campaign.

We will also explain how you can take full advantage of the LinkedIn platform to generate more leads and increase sales for your business.

You can also contact me directly on a consultancy basis for more advice on using LinkedIn for your business or personal use.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

LinkedIn is a great business tool and has a lot of hidden features that most people have not realized yet, like the ability to download email addresses and phone numbers of your contacts and using video to increase engagement and find new opportunities.

When you sponsor content on LinkedIn you will do so through the campaign manager; this where you set up new campaigns, choose your targeting options, find advertising costs, set your budget and duration for any campaign.

This is how the campaign manager looks like:

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

When you sponsor an update or promote an article from your company page you can monitor the progress by using the campaign manager shown above.

The campaign manager will also show you some audience demographics and give you a detailed view of who is visiting your website by job title and in some cases by the company.

This is great because you can then ask a member of your sales team to follow up on these people since they have expressed interest in your company.

It can also be used effectively in running a re-targeting campaign using Google display ads for example.

Targeted LinkedIn AdsLinkedIn Sponsored Content Promotion Mistakes To Avoid

When I speak to the people in the LinkedIn B2B sales community a lot of them make comments suggesting that they simply run LinkedIn promotions on a whim and not as part of an overall strategy.

For example, one person I spoke to suggested that they only use LinkedIn sponsored content when they launch a new product, which happens every 6-8 months or so.

The problem with this type of strategy is that it is not connected to any other marketing activity and can lose out on an integrated marketing approach such as re-targeting.

Here are the 6 most common mistakes most businesses make when they use LinkedIn sponsored content:

1. Sponsoring content without targeting:

LinkedIn offers amazing targeting options. You can reach people by targeting their location, company, job title, seniority, industry, age, job function and so much more.

The image below shows the sheer amount of targeting options at your disposal when using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn sponsored content2. Using text-only sponsored posts:

The right mix of imagery and text is what will set your promotion apart from the competition.

Fast Company suggests that content with visuals will receive 94% more views overall. That is simply staggering.

3. Not connecting your campaign to a conversion on your website:

With LinkedIn conversion tracking you will see how many leads you are getting per campaign. This will allow you to figure out very quickly which campaigns are really working and which aren’t, meaning that your campaign optimization will happen almost instantly.

4. Not including LinkedIn sponsored content in your marketing strategy:

This is one of those mistakes that a lot of companies make. Most businesses rely on the well-known Google Adwords or Facebook and other websites in their marketing strategy.

When you include LinkedIn into the mix it will give you ideas on how to connect your marketing efforts with LinkedIn to achieve a much greater return.

5. Not running A/B tests on your sponsored posts

Using A/B testing on posts will allow you to determine which of your pieces of content works better. It saves time and money and gives you a better click-through rate.

6. Promoting products and services instead of solutions:

Your business solves a problem and sometimes we neglect to mention this when marketing our products or services. Instead of stating that you sell x or y you should inform prospects that your business has the product or the service that they need to solve a particular problem they are currently facing.

These are the 6 most common mistakes people make when they use LinkedIn to sponsor or promote their business. Avoid these and you will improve the ROI you get from LinkedIn.

Contact me for any more advice or share your thoughts below in the comments section!

LinkedIn Sponsored Content Training

I will help you improve your LinkedIn campaigns. Schedule a call with me through Clarity using the ‘Request a Call‘ button below and I will go through your current LinkedIn setup and show you how you can improve it.

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