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The Best LinkedIn SEO Guide: 8 Useful Tricks

LinkedIn SEO is the first step to getting discovered by business professionals. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for the next big contact to take your business to another level, a sales manager who wants to increase exposure for your brand or a job seeker waiting to land their dream job, your optimized LinkedIn profile will get you closer to achieving your goals.

LinkedIn SEO OptimizationLinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world right now, they are owned by Microsoft and have over 500 million users worldwide.

With that kind of reach there are thousands of people searching everyday and looking to connect with people who have your skills, products or services. This article will highlight 8 techniques you can use today to implement SEO on your LinkedIn profile and gain more prominence in search.

First of all, what is SEO? it is the process of optimizing a webpage of social media profile with the aim of showing up first in any search results page.

Why LinkedIn SEO Is Beneficial To You

When you optimize your LinkedIn profile, you increase your chances of showing up in Google search. This is because LinkedIn has a domain authority of 100 out of 100 which means they are a very credible website and your profile will hold some of this credibility.

You should make the most out of this great opportunity by using relevant keywords to publish high quality content that gets found in search results – more on this later.

An often overlooked benefit of LinkedIn SEO is search prominence within LinkedIn itself. Your profile optimization will increase the likelihood of searchers finding you when they are searching for people with your skills or experience.

This is great if you are looking for a new job and you want recruiters to find you. You will also benefit from search engine optimization on LinkedIn if you provide a service and you want potential clients to find you on quickly.

LinkedIn SEOThe image above shows the number of impressions I get in searches each week. This happened in the first week after I made some simple changes to my LinkedIn profile such as:

  • Addingrelevant keywords
  • Improving my headline
  • Updating my summary

I will explain how these will affect your search presence below.

8 LinkedIn SEO Tricks To Optimize Your Profile

The techniques listed below are what I use to grow my LinkedIn network and get new business opportunities. These techniques are used in conjunction with messages and targeted ads to get maximum return.

1. Use Keywords Wisely

Keywords or search terms are essential is search engine optimization. The keywords you choose to use in your profile will improve your search engine rankings both withing Google and LinkedIn.

The first step is to do some keyword research using a tool like KW Finder to find out how many people are searching for any give search term.

This data will give you insight into what people want and how you can offer it to them. When you do your research go ahead and add your chosen keywords to your profile summary, headline and job role descriptions.

It is also a great idea to add these keywords to any articles you publish to your network.

2. Connect With The Right People

Growing your network on LinkedIn is a great way to increase your reach on the professional network. Think of LinkedIn as a giant web of connections where everybody knows each other.

You can leverage the connections of your colleagues to reach the right decision makers or hiring managers who are currently out of your network.

Do this by asking your colleagues to introduce you to someone new at least once a month as suggested by LinkedIn co-founder who also suggests that you need to make only meaningful connections.

With the right connections in your network you have access to more people who can get you closer to achieving your goals.

3. Link To Your Website

Just like search engine optimization on Google, backlinks are extremely important not just in driving traffic to your website but also establishing authority.

By adding a link to your profile page you increase the richness of the profile and provide more meta information that search engines can link to.

Backlinks are reciprocal – add a link from your website back to your LinkedIn profile too.

4. Write a Great Summary and Headline

Your headline is perhaps the first thing that is read when a LinkedIn user visits your profile. The headline is meant to be eye-catching and convincing. It should contain the relevant keywords mentioned above and also your skills and expertise.

The Summary is the above the fold content that sits beneath your headline. You have a great chance to really sell yourself in your summary by including your key skills, accomplishments, even more keywords, a summary of your career, education and interests.

5. Publish Content

LinkedIn SEO is pretty much all about authority and credibility. Publishing content regularly on the LinkedIn platform gives you the opportunity to showcase your skill level and understanding of your field and really stand out in your network.

Algorithms on LinkedIn also favor native content and will promote this on the news feed.

To publish posts on LinkedIn simply visit the main homepage and click on the ‘Write an article’ button. Here is a great infographic by LinkedIn about the best ways to publish content.

LinkedIn SEO infographic6. Join Groups and Engage

Groups are a great way to engage with your network and find new opportunities. LinkedIn groups will give you the opportunity to socialize with other users and gain prominence.

7. Name Your Pictures

When search engines crawl content on the web they look at image titles and ALT tags. You need to give meaningful names to your pictures before uploading them to LinkedIn.

Your profile picture for example could be named ‘Tech Blogger’ instead of your name. This way when someone searches for a tech blogger in Google your face pops up! That’s cool!

8. Get Recommendations

Finally, ask your connections, colleagues and managers to give you a glowing recommendation. This will go a long way to giving your profile credibility and increasing trust. You can request recommendations straight from your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn SEO Techniques

In summary I want to assert how LinkedIn can supercharge your business and your personal brand. In this article I explained why it is beneficial and how to use it to connect, increase search impressions and find new opportunities. Here are the key points:

  • Use relevant keywords in your profile summary and headline
  • Connect with the right people to grow your network and engage with them through groups and published content.
  • Show authority within your industry with published content and recommendations.


How To Use LinkedIn For Your Business