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LinkedIn Job Searching Technical Guide 2018

LinkedIn job searching is the hassle-free way to land your dream job within your industry without having to find the contact details of hiring managers at companies or ask a friend to get you in the door. With specific location, job function and experience level targeting options you can find and apply for jobs with a few clicks yet most LinkedIn users do not know how to harness the full power of LinkedIn to find jobs.

In this post I will be pin pointing exactly what needs to be done to increase your profile reach, gain prominence within LinkedIn search and start getting job offers from both recruiters and hiring managers.

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The LinkedIn Job Searching Process

Job hunting on LinkedIn is free. You are given access to hiring managers and decision makers within companies without even having to write letters to them, phone in to find a contact, ask a friend who knows someone to get you in or anything else you did back in the 90’s.

With LinkedIn jobs you have two options: You either let the recruiters come to you (inbound) or you go to the recruiters by actively seeking them out (outbound). With either option some work has to be done to your profile, your pitch and some few default LinkedIn privacy settings.

Inbound: Your LinkedIn Profile and SEO

How do I get headhunted on LinkedIn?

  • Improve your profile to gain prominence in search
  • Publish content regularly to show authority within your industry

As mentioned before in our article about how to use LinkedIn messages to win new clients, your profile is the first piece in your online job hunting puzzle; if you get that right everything else pretty much falls into place.

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Without getting too technical, there are a few things you can do to gain prominence in search results and become recommended to LinkedIn users. In order to get jobs on LinkedIn you have to:

  1. Use a high quality, professional LinkedIn profile picture
  2. Put keywords in your profile and summary
  3. Improve your LinkedIn headline
  4. Highlight your skills and achievements in your summary
  5. Explain each job role, your duties and why you left.

These four points will help increase your reach on the LinkedIn platform. When you fill your profile with information and relevant keywords related to your skills, your profile begins to stand out and look more professional. You will also get featured more in the search results when a recruiter or HR manager is looking for a great candidate to fill a role.

Outbound: Your Networking and Social Selling

How do I reach out to recruiters and hiring managers?

Just message them! You are more likely to get a quicker response if you take initiative and reach out to hiring managers in the company you wish to work for. Here are a few things you have to do to get a job interview lined up:

  • Send a personalized connection request
  • Do your background research on the contact
LinkedIn Job Searching
LinkedIn Connection Request

When you send a connection request, there is a default, generic message included in the request. Don’t use that because the default message gets seen all the time and chances are your request won’t get accepted if you do not already know the contact.

You should do your research on the contact and find some things to include in your personalized LinkedIn message like:

  1. A reference to their current job role
  2. Why you love their company or organisation
  3. A shared interest

Your ability to connect with people on LinkedIn will also increase your social selling score, which is a score given to you based on your LinkedIn activity and your ability to make good connections and expand your network. Expanding your network on LinkedIn by connecting with like-minded individuals also gives you the ability to reach more people and gain increased exposure.

How To Land Your Dream Job on LinkedIn

As we mentioned before, your LinkedIn job searching campaign will only get better if you make some slight adjustments to your profile, headline and summary. There is however another way of letting recruiters know that you are ready for the next stage in your career: The open candidate signal! It’s a secret feature that you turn on with the click of a button to let recruiters and hiring managers know if you want a new job without your boss or colleagues finding out. The video below explains it all.

LinkedIn Job Searching Tips & Techniques

In summary, by using LinkedIn for your job search, Landing your dream job can be done when you implement the following:

  • An optimized LinkedIn profile full of relevant keywords
  • An eye-catching headline that draws attention to your skills
  • A killer summary written to entice recruiters to contact you
  • Personalized connection requests to the right contacts

Get my professional help with LinkedIn Recruiting

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