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10 LinkedIn Blog Posts You Need To Read Today

As of today I have officially published 10 posts about LinkedIn on this blog and I feel great because with each post I am sharing all my experiences and failures with the professional network. I started blogging about LinkedIn when I realized how powerful it was for marketing, job searching and business development.

In this post I will share all the information you need to know about using LinkedIn for personal and business success.

1. LinkedIn SEO

Learn everything you need to know about how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and increase search prominence on Google and LinkedIn. In summary I discuss keywords, images and optimization techniques.

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2. LinkedIn Job Searching

Get the tips and techniques on how to get the right recruiters and head hunters messaging you about great job roles. In this article I also explain the techniques I use to reach out to recruiters and let them know I am ready for a new job without my boss or colleagues even knowing.

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3. LinkedIn Messages

I will explain how I use messages on LinkedIn to get new business, cold email prospects and grow my network. In this article I explain how personalized connection requests works.

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4. LinkedIn Sponsored Content

Let me show you how NOT to promote your content on LinkedIn. I point out 6 mistakes most people make when they promote or advertise on LinkedIn and how to avoid these.

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5. How To Use LinkedIn For Business

Get the tricks most successful businesses and individuals use to promote and share content on LinkedIn to increase sales and reach.

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6. Advertising On LinkedIn

Get the right knowledge on how to create stunning ads on LinkedIn that get people hungry to buy your products or services. I will show you how to budget, bid and re-target to your website visitors.

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7. How To Export LinkedIn Contacts

Let me show you how to download and export contacts from your network. Get phone numbers and email addresses from everyone in your network with this step-by-step guide.

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8. LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

Get all the useful, relevant links and pages on LinkedIn. This cheat-sheet is the best one online.

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9. How To Improve LinkedIn Social Selling

In this guide I explain what social selling is and how to improve your score. Learn how social selling can be used to grow your network and get new business.

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10. LinkedIn Video Review

In this blog I give examples of 3 individuals who have successfully used LinkedIn video to get new jobs, teach and excel. Find out more now.

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In summary, these are 10 blogs about LinkedIn that will help you grow your network, advertise, connect with the right decision makers and win on LinkedIn.