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How To Use LinkedIn For Business: 5 Great Ways

We have expressed our admiration for LinkedIn many times before here at Nicebrains. It is a great tool for sales people, recruiters and businesses as a whole. In this article I will be showing you 5 great things that will give you an idea about how to use LinkedIn for your business. You can also schedule a call with me for more advice on LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn For Business

There are many ways you can use LinkedIn; to generate new business, find suppliers or freelancers and connect with influencers within your industry. There are steps that need to be taken in order to be taken seriously on the platform however; These include enhancing your profile, increasing your social selling index score and using video to share your thoughts or seek opportunities.

Before you get to all of that, you need a company page where you can share company updates, tell everyone what you do and who your employees are.

5 LinkedIn Business Best Practices

  1. Your profile – This is the gateway to your world. Potential employers and suppliers will use this as a judge of who you are.
  2. Your company page – Your company page needs to be updated regularly with a good description showing that you are passionate about your business. It also helps to list your accomplishments as a business.
  3. Your posts – People are more likely to respond and engage with your posts if they contain good imagery. Use a website like Pexels or Unsplash to find high quality imagery.
  4. Advertising – When promoting your business on LinkedIn, your tone and language should be consistent with what you use on your website and other social media accounts.
  5. Social Selling – You can improve your social selling score by interacting and engaging with other business users in meaningful ways that benefits both parties.

LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices

Your company page, just like your website is a very important factor in determining if someone interacts with your business. For potential employees it gives a glimpse into life at your company and for suppliers it provides a way for them to view how you conduct business. You should therefore keep it updated regularly. The descriptions and profile picture you use should accurately reflect your business values and what you do in your community.

  • Use a high quality image of your logo.
  • Add your website homepage without the ‘www’ to avoid redirects.
  • Encourage your employees to add your company descriptions to their profiles.

 LinkedIn B2B Marketing Best Practices

As a B2B marketing platform LinkedIn offers  great advertising opportunities for your business. For example: you sell communications solutions like phone systems or computer network solutions to small businesses or you offer CRM services for small companies. You can create a targeted advertising campaign and promote your services to IT Managers or Marketing Managers in a given location by company, age, seniority, job function and more. If you only want to advertise to specific companies you can choose to only show adverts to employees within that company. Your opportunities are endless with LinkedIn.

If you are interested in using social media to market your business, check out my other article on LinkedIn sponsored content and how to use Twitter for business or you can schedule a call with me today using the button below.


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