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How To Find and Pay Someone on Venmo

You can easily pay a friend on Venmo without adding money to your Venmo account. You will however need to link your bank account to Venmo in order to make payments. Follow the simple steps below to pay someone.

On Mobile

Step #1 – Open the Venmo app and Login

Venmo, the mobile payments platform owned by PayPal is free to download on the App Store and on Google Play. Once you open the app, login using email address and password you used when you setup Venmo initially.

Step #2 – Start a New Payment

On the home screen, you will find a pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on this icon to begin your payment.

Step #3 – Add Amount and Recipients

Add the recipient(s) name, Venmo username, phone number or email address to your new payment and don’t forget to specify the amount. You can also add a quick note to remind the recipient(s) what the payment is for.

Please Note: Your recipient must also use Venmo but you do not have to be friends on Venmo to send payments to them.

Please Note: You do not need to add money to Venmo to make new payments.

Step #4 – Pay Recipient(s)

You are now ready to pay. Simply tap ‘Pay’ and the money will be sent. Watch out for any notifications from Venmo which may popup in case the payment cannot be processed.

In such rare cases, the money will not be immediately available to the recipient(s).

On Computer

If you prefer using your personal computer to make payments, choose a suitable web browser and simply navigate to the Venmo site and use their dedicated payment portal here.