How To Download Your LinkedIn Contacts’ Email Address and Phone Numbers

Download LinkedIn Contacts Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

In this quick guide I will show you how to first export your LinkedIn contact details and download the email addresses and phone numbers of all your connections into an excel document.

If you read our guide about how to generate leads using your free LinkedIn account, you will see the value that LinkedIn provides using this great feature.

Please Note: Some information might be excluded in the EU because of the GDPR law.

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How To Download LinkedIn Contacts

Step 1

Click the My Network icon that is found at the top bar.

LinkedIn Networks

Step 2

On the left hand side of the screen you will see a count of all your connections. Below that is a link to ‘See all’. Click on that link.

LinkedIn Connections

Step 3

Look to the right hand side of the screen now and click on ‘Managed synced and imported contacts’.

LinkedIn Synced Contacts

Step 4

Scroll down and look at the bottom right of the page under Advanced actions and click on ‘Export contacts

LinkedIn export contacts

Step 5

After clicking on export contacts you may be prompted to sign in. Select the data you want to download and the request the archive. In my case, I selected Connections and then requested the archive.

LinkedIn data download

You will then receive an email to your Primary Email Address which will have a link where you can download a list of your connections will which include full name, email address, phone numbers, job titles and any other available data.

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If you have not read our guide about how to generate leads using your free LinkedIn account, read it here. You can also find out how to use LinkedIn for business.


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  1. Hi! I’m trying this but unable to get the following fields:
    First Name Last Name Email Address Company Position Connected On

    I would like to get phone numbers too. How can I get this in a one time download?


    1. Hello Arti, Those fields should be included in the initial download automatically. Make sure you select the ‘Connections’ option when prompted like below. LinkedIn data selection

  2. No it doesnt include anything apart from the fields mentioned by Arti.

    Facing the same issue despite following same steps provided by you. Can you please assist?


    1. Hey Shailesh,

      If you are accessing from anywhere in the EU, the phone numbers may have been removed due to GDPR.

      Otherwise, it should be in there if you tick ‘Connections’

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