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Simple Google Form Templates For Business

Introducing Google Form Templates for business, a new custom template you can use to customize Google Forms for any business website.

When you create a new Google Form you can use the template to embed the form straight into your website and keep the look and feel accurate throughout.

This is effective way to keep your brand personality intact and encourage your customers to prospects to take part in your surveys

Setting up the templates is straightforward – The Form action is defined and all the field names are taken straight from Google and placed in the template code.

At this stage the template will be linked straight to Google and you can collect all the responses into a Google Docs spreadsheet to analyze the data.

How To Use Google Forms Templates

This YouTube video shows you how the templates work for your website.

All you have to do after creating your form in Google Forms is to copy the code from the download file and paste it into your website editor. The template will work for any website even if you are not running WordPress or a CMS, it will pick up the default styling of your site and apply it to the form.

The form template is provided with basic CSS to help you change the color of the fields, the submit button and text. You can also resize the text and buttons.

The template can be placed anywhere on your website and it will work seamlessly with other elements. Once you place the code in your website editor all you have to do is get the name attribute of the form elements and put them inside the template.

This is how our finished template looks like:

Custom Google Forms Template

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Why You Should Use Google Forms In Your Business

Custom forms allow you match the look and feel of your website and increase trustworthiness. When using a custom form, your customers are more likely to take part in your surveys because the form will be using fonts and colors that are associated with you brand.

For general aesthetic reasons, it looks much better than the simple forms that Google provides. They have limited custom options like header color or page background.

Our templates on the other hand will give you full control over how your forms look and they will allow you to change every aspect of the form to suit your website.

The best thing about Google Forms is the ability to save all the responses into a spreadsheet. This is much better than receiving them in an email and then having to manually sift through the emails to find answers to your questions.

With the spreadsheet you can collect all the answers easily and use data manipulation to pull meaningful information from the responses.

All our tools and online courses are created to help you become more productive everyday so If you want an easy to use Google Forms template that can be installed in any website with full custom options, you can get that with our tools. It is simple, easy to use and comes with full instructions and support from Nicebrains.

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