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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Analytics and Power BI Together

When you run a website, it is very critical that you analyse and track all traffic coming to it. It is important to know when and how often your viewers visit the site and where they come from. In doing this, you can identify your highest sources of traffic and identify channels that you need to work on. Web traffic analysis can also improve your website and inform your decision-making with regards to conversion rate optimisation. Here are three reasons why you should use Google Analytics and Power BI together.

Google Analytics

Power BI Is Quick & Easy To Setup and Use

It is very simple to connect to Google Analytics in Power BI. The Power BI system comes with an out of box content pack that allows you to immediately connect and gain insights into your web data.

The setup takes only a few minutes and entails logging into your Google account and giving the Power BI content pack permission to access your data. Once you connect, you are granted access to detailed insights on the usage of your site. The content pack provides a data set, a report and dashboard that allows you to explore and monitor your data.

Through the Power BI Designer, you can connect directly and build your own reports as well as create mashups using other sources that are important to you. This in turn ensures that all your data is kept in one place.

You Can Ask Power BI Questions – Literally!

You can use the Q&A function to explore your data. You can ask questions – literally about web traffic on aspects such as total page views in the last 30 days or overall total hits (Check out the video below). If you need information on specific data points as well, you can ask questions about them, and every result is pinned back to your dashboard which you can customise however you like. You can also pin data from other data sets to your dashboard. Other reports such as email traffic results can also be accessed directly from the dashboard.


Power BI Is Really Fast

Microsoft’s award winning cloud platform in renowned for it’s speed and reliability. This is very evident when you use Power BI. As you use the dashboard, Power BI is constantly querying Google Analytics to pull the values you requested but this does not affect the user experience because of the lightning fast speed.


So there you have it, If you run Office 365, have a go with Power BI, it’s easy to setup, very intuitive and has a lost of stock reports that you can use straight away to start digging into your data.

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