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3 LinkedIn Power Users Who Are Showing Us How To Use LinkedIn Video

Video is a great addition to the already existing networking features that LinkedIn offers to professionals. According to WordStream, One-third of online activity is spent watching video so it comes as no surprise that in August this year LinkedIn opened up uploading video to the masses. Here are 5 of the most notable new video pioneers on LinkedIn.

One-third of online activity is spent watching video (WordStream). Click To Tweet

Niah Curry

In August 2017 Niah Curry, a senior University of Arizona student seeking employment posted a video entitled “Calling all recruiters! Meet Niah J. Curry!”. The post was a simple but very effective video resume in which she highlighted her skills, experience and strengths in such a concise but powerful way that it caught the eye of several LinkedIn users and attracted thousands of likes, numerous comments and job opportunities.

Niah Curry | How To Use Linkedin Video

She posted another video thanking everyone for all the support she received from her previous post and even garnered attention from LinkedIn CEO himself Jeff Weiner who liked and commented on the video commending her on her efforts.

Jeff Weiner LinkedIn Video Comment

Tara Hunt

As president and founder of Truly Social Inc, a content strategy powerhouse that works with brands like Geico, Olay, Acura and L’Oreal, Tara Hunt certainly has a lot on her plate but that does not stop her from posting her hugely popular and  highly effective videos about marketing, learning and communication to her 150,000+ followers each week.

Tara Hunt | How To Use LinkedIn Video

It is through her consistency and thought leadership that has earned her the influencer title on LinkedIn. An honour given to highly influential people such as Barrack Obama, Richard Branson and James Caan.

John McWade

As Senior Staff Author of Graphic Design at, the education company that LinkedIn acquired in April 2015, John McWade knows a thing or two about video.

John McWade | How To Use LinkedIn Video

Using Native LinkedIn video he posts his popular “One-Minute Design” videos showcasing different elements of design practice.

The videos are effective because they focus on a topic within Graphic Design and use an easy to digest approach to provide enough guidance for you to leave with concrete knowledge and practical skills.

How To Use Video On LinkedIn

As you can see from the examples above, LinkedIn video can be used in very different ways for various purposes from getting job opportunities like Niah, communicating and engaging with your audience like Tara or even teaching bite-sized lessons like John.

The point is, video is hugely popular and more people spend time watching video than doing anything else on the internet.

Increasing Your Opportunities To Connect

In our previous post about LinkedIn lead generation using a free account, we mention how having an optimized profile can enhance your networking and business opportunities on LinkedIn. With the new video functionality, you can use Niah’s approach and create a short introductory video explaining who you are, why your business is great at what they do and why prospects should get in touch with you. A similar approach can also be used to connect with people in your industry.

Using Social Proof To Generate Leads

The principle of social proof was proposed by Robert Cialdini in the 1980’s in his New York Times best-selling book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. He suggested that people will do what they see other people doing. This is very relevant with regards to video. Using the idea of social proof, you can create a video case study that is used to highlight how you went out of your way to help a customer or showcase how your products or services are currently being used. It’s much better than a PDF or “testimonial” on your website. It’s more personal, more human!

LinkedIn Video as Content Marketing

John McWade does a great job of showcasing one of the best features of LinkedIn: LinkedIn Learning. In his videos he uses a similar format found on LinkedIn Learning and draws attention to the fact that Graphic Designers or wannabe’s can actually use LinkedIn to develop their skills.

You can use video on LinkedIn to educate your prospects about issues related to your industry. A company that sells coffee for example can dedicate an entire series of short videos highlighting how to get creative with brewing coffee using simple cooking utensils and of course their brand of coffee!

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