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Episode 3: One of The Most Creative Ways To Get Backlinks in 2019

In this short episode, we address one of the ways we get backlinks. In our previous post about SEO tips for 2019, we pointed out how important on-page SEO is. 

It is equally as important to build your authority and one of the best ways to build your authority is to get highly-relevant contextual backlinks.

We discuss one of the most creative ways we believe you can get backlinks even you are just a small business.

This involves going beyond offering content for your readers and building tools that will compliment your content and products.

If you think about it, if you build something cool and unique at a reasonable budget, people will most likely link to you and you’ll get loads of social media shares.

For example, have a look in Google Analytics and choose one of your best-performing articles, think about how you can build a simple tool that will only cost between $50 – $100 dollars in development cost and embed this tool on your page.

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