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How to Improve Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) score is a measurement tool for sales and marketing professionals. It was created to show sales activity, uncover new opportunities, and benchmark competitors.

SSI was deigned as a method of quantifying the effectiveness of sales teams and how well they have embraced LinkedIn’s social selling on a scale of 1 to 100. According to LinkedIn, 78% of social sellers outperform their peers who don’t use social media as a sales channel.

How is the LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score Calculated?

Basically, SSI ranks a person or company’s use of LinkedIn as a social selling tool. Different types of data associated with your LinkedIn account is used to calculate your SSI score, which is updated daily. Below are four parameters:

  1. Establishing your professional brand – Completing your LinkedIn profile can help improve this parameter.
    2. Finding the right people – What tools you use in identifying leads and prospects.
    3. Engaging with insights – How well you are engaging your audience in terms of shares, content, and posts.
    4. Building relationships on LinkedIn – Are building connections with leaders and decision makers?

Why is SSI Important?

LinkedIn’s SSI is an important tool because it empowers sales and marketing professionals with insights on their performance. They can compare and examine their score against others on the LinkedIn network.

In many ways, the result is a strong validation of how you use LinkedIn to achieve your business goals. Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn is for corporate organizations, businesses, and professionals, that is why a measuring tool like the SSI comes in very handy.

Whether you want to call it relationship building, being collaborative, social selling or content marketing, the information gleaned will help companies and professionals perform better. Because it measures how well we use LinkedIn and can help promote business and career goals.

3 Key Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score

1. Promote your personal brand with a completed LinkedIn profile

Branding is key to getting noticed on social networks. I have discussed this extensively with my post on LinkedIn lead generation. Your customers and prospects will view your LinkedIn profile and what they see will determine how they will view you.

If you haven’t completed your profile, then your SSI score will suffer for it. LinkedIn’s algorithms use completed profiles in calculating your score, so this is a good place to start.

2. Search for the right people to connect with on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a network where connections are made. Your SSI score rewards you for creating valuable connections and even if it doesn’t, you do need more connection in order to succeed on LinkedIn. So proactively search for the right people to connect with and watch your SSI score increase. You can also let the right people find you by promoting your articles on LinkedIn.

Another great benefit of growing your connections list is the fact that you can download all the contact details of your LinkedIn network including email addresses and phone numbers.

3. Engage with insights and share valuable content on LinkedIn

Posting new content is the most enjoyable feature of social selling. You can interact with your network through the use of video which will help you sell with ease. To achieve this, your content must be valuable and relevant and should position you as an expert in your industry.

Social selling on LinkedIn is all about who you know, not what you know. Your SSI score looks at both your connections as well as your engagement level. Everything you do should add value to your network and position you for success.