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SEO Tips

The 15 Most Important SEO Tips For 2019

Do you want the best SEO tips? In this article, we will explain our SEO strategies, techniques and give you the website optimization tips we used to get over 300K organic visits to this very blog in just under 6 months! Search Engine Optimization is an important technique that is used to increase traffic to …

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Mailchimp Alternatives

7 Badass MailChimp Alternatives For Effortless Email Marketing

MailChimp alternatives have become very common in the last 3 years. You can get cheaper options with much nicer templates, better user experience, and quick support. In every market, there is always a dominant player. Just like Amazon is dominating the online retail market, MailChimp is the most popular email marketing software. Almost all email …

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What is a brand?

What is a Brand? An Eye-opening Definition

What is a brand? This is one of those questions in business that has an indirect answer. When you ask a marketing or business expert to define a brand you usually get an answer explaining the importance of branding, brand equity or even giving you examples of great brands. According to David Ogilvy who is …

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recruitment process

6 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Hiring Practices

As an employer, it’s always important to hire only the cream of the crop. Good employees can make your company run more smoothly, increase profits, and contribute positively to team morale. So, how do you go about attracting amazing, new talent to your company – especially when you’re limited to a small business budget? The …

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content writing tips for beginners

5 Incredible Content Writing Tips For Beginners To Increase Conversions

One of the most common questions I get asked very often is, what are the best content writing tips for beginners? It is a very important question and one that reflects the shift in marketing activity for many businesses. In this article, I will give you 5 unforgettable tips you can use to power-up your …

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Instagram Tools

9 Badass Instagram Tools For Incredible Growth

Looking for the best Instagram tool to help you grow your online presence, manage followers, automatically schedule posts or analyze your audience? If so, you are in the right place. We have compiled the best Instagram tools to help you build and grow an authentic audience on Instagram. In this article, we will show you Instagram …

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Elevator Pitch

The Effortless Elevator Pitch Writing Technique To Persuade Anyone

Why do you need a proven elevator pitch that works every time? Chances are, you have been on an elevator, in a train, at a trade show, staying at a hotel or about to board a plane when you bump into the decision maker at a company you have been trying to sign as a …

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Entrepreneur Quotes

35 Breathtaking Entrepreneur Quotes To Delight You

Entrepreneur quotes from famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates can be used to inspire, motivate and guide entrepreneurs through their complex business journeys. As an entrepreneur, starting and running a small business can be challenging. Most of us constantly need inspiration whether in the form of funny entrepreneur quotes, business quotes, millionaire success …

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Home Business Ideas

30 Brilliant Home Business Ideas You Can Start Right Now

Are you looking for the most profitable home business ideas to take you into the world of entrepreneurship? Whether you seek a side hustle in addition to the day job or you are a mom looking for creative small business ideas, we have put together 30 of the most unbeatable and legitimate home based business …

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5 Healthy Drinks To Make You Grow Taller

5 Healthy Drinks That Make You Grow Taller

A lot of people, myself included eat foods that keeps the brain healthy or foods that help boost memory but did you know that there are certain foods and drinks that can make you grow taller? A bone is a living and growing tissue and if you feed it the right ingredients, it will become …

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Brain Foods to Boost Memory

4 Brain Foods That Will Boost Your Memory

Having good memory is both attractive in your social life and valuable in your professional life. If you choose to eat foods rich in vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids, you can boost memory and concentration and prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia. Keep reading to find out more. Eggs Proteins in general …

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Super Foods For Healthy Brain

3 Super Foods That Will Keep Your Brain Healthy

Because your brain is the most important organ in your body it is important to consciously eat foods that will promote brain health and reduce the risk of developing degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia. Here are 3 super foods that will keep your brain healthy. Sunflower Seeds Homemade granola – so TASTY! …

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Forearm workouts

9 Epic Forearm Workouts & Exercises For Incredible Muscle and Strength

Forearm workouts help to strengthen your grip and improve your chances of doing other more intense workouts such the deadlift, pull-ups, and chest presses. Aesthetically, bigger forearms look great when paired with big biceps and triceps but according to the journal of physical therapy, hand grip strength is highly correlated with forearm size. This shows that …

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Yoga Quotes

65 Yoga Quotes For Life-Changing Inspiration

Yoga quotes serve a very important purpose, they inspire and motivate you to get back into healthy habits. According to research, regular yoga practitioners are more likely to eat more mindfully and focus on their breathing and sensations in the body. For most of us who desire to have baby skin, a perpetual smile, and …

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Subscription Boxes For Men

The Most Incredible Subscription Boxes For Men

Subscription boxes for men provide a great way for guys to receive amazing, hand-picked products every month. From luxury experiences to monthly gift boxes and men’s clothing subscription boxes we have gathered the best men’s subscription boxes. This list is based on originality, reviews, and price. Subscription boxes have grown in popularity over the last …

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how to start a blog

Setting Up A Successful Blog In 2018

Setting up this blog about 8 months ago was a big step for me. I always knew about WordPress and bloggers who were able to earn passive income from writing articles but I always thought the process of setting up a blog was complex until I actually started. Click here to start your blog on …

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Philips Hue Apps | Smart Home

Philips Hue Apps: 10 Excellent Options For iOS and Android

Philips Hue apps are an excellent addition to your home when you want to increase automation. These apps can help with lighting schedules and even music. The Philips Hue lighting system uses an open API, so there are several apps available to control the lights and implement extra features or effects beyond the official app. …

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Philips Hue Bridge Light Meaning

This Is Why Your Philips Hue Bridge Won’t Connect & How To Fix It

There are many reasons why your Philips Hue bridge won’t connect.  It could be because of a bad internet connection, proximity issues, or a faulty bridge. In this article, I will show you some of the main reasons why your hue bridge fails to connect and how to fix them. Philips Hue is one of …

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