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People are using their Apple Airpods to spy on others. Here’s how

  • A new feature from Apple for their iPhones and Airpods called “Live Listen” is freaking people out.
  • This feature gives people the option to listen wirelessly through Airpods on conversations using their iPhone’s microphone.
  • Even though it was intended as a feature for people with hearing loss, people are using it to spy on others.

A feature called Live Listen was released by Apple with iOS 12 and it can be used it can be used to turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod into a microphone which you can listen in on using your Airpods.

According to Apple, Live Listen can be used to

“hear a conversation in a noisy area or even hear someone speaking across the room.”

Do you see why this could be creepy?

Even though it was released as a useful feature for people with hearing loss, people on Twitter are describing how it could be used in other ways, like spying and cheating on tests.

Reddit users have also explained that with the Live Listen feature, you can listen to conversations going on in other rooms if you leave your phone in the room and turn on Live Listen.

One other Twitter user, @MoeLivesForever pointed out that:

“Live listen feature on your iPhone/airpods = unintended snitching”

How Do You Use Live Listen?

Apple live listen

If you have not used Live Listen before it is very simple to turn on and use.

First of all, make sure your Airpods are fully charged and connected to your Apple device with Bluetooth.

To turn on the feature, tap on Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > Hearing.

When you want to activate Live Listen, swipe us from the home screen to view the Control Center and tap icon showing the ear.