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How To Write For A Blog And Get Paid Massively

Nicebrains was founded to provide the best business and social media tools and content to a thriving online community. Today we provide tools and advice to over 315K monthly online visitors who come to discover social media tools about LinkedIn advertising, Facebook, Twitter for business and much more.

For more information and a step by step guide, you can read my article about setting up a successful blog in which I completely break down the process and walk you through from registering your domain to getting hosting and picking your themes.


  1. Learn From The Best
  2. Use A Good Writing Format
  3. Choose Powerful Web Hosting
  4. Summary

How To Write A Blog and Make Money

Blogging CoachIn the last 10 years I have started multiple businesses and blogs. This blog, Nicebrains is my latest one and in just 8 months I have grown this blog to over 315K monthly users with majority of those coming from search engines. I have used search engine optimization and clear writing formats to provide highly valuable content that my readers love:

Below are my tricks for building a high quality, money making blog.

1 – Learn From The Best

Before I started this blog I wanted to learn as much as possible I could about blogging and SEO and social media content. Everything I learned has helped me get to where I am today but the most important thing I learned is the way to think about this blog as if it is a real business.

Like a real business, my focus was always on providing value to the reader and then in return they will visit again and again and share my content.

The Lonely Entrepreneur

The Lonely Entrepreneur is a learning community of business-minded individuals who learn, have conversations and recommend growth tools to each other.

As a part of the community I have access to over 150 business and marketing learning modules, live weekly conversations and over 50 tools and templates you need to grow online.

In the last 8 months I have written almost 50 articles on this blog. The rest of the articles have come from iWriter!


I use iWriter to get additional high quality blogs when I don’t have much time on my hands during the week. By using this platform I get access to the best online writers who deliver the articles back within 4-7 hours.

I simply request an article using the dashboard, choose the level of writer I want to use and explain how the article should be written.

Payment is made using PayPal and of you receive an article you are not happy with, you simply return it back to the writer with a simple click and they will rewrite it with no additional cost to you.

When you are not happy with edits you can cancel the project with that writer and give it instead to another writer until you are happy with it.

2 – Use A Good Blog Writing Format

Before writing any blog post I always do keyword research. This is essential because I need to know and understand how many people are searching for articles and whether they will be interested in what I write.

I have got a spreadsheet where I write down all the  articles I want to write about, their keywords and potentially how many people will read it each month.

KW Finder

KW Finder gives targeted keyword data from any region and displays how competitive each keyword is. It allows me to do keyword research effectively and find the best opportunities for blog articles that will rank highly in Google without facing much competition.

I can see exactly how many people are searching for any given search term, the trend over time and the search volume for language variations.

KW Finder

When you write for a blog you have to make sure that you are writing articles that people actually want to read. When you do this you make sure that value is always provided to the reader which will encourage them to share your blog. The more you blog and articles are being shared the more people visit your website which puts strain on your hosting platform.

3 – You Need Powerful WordPress Web Hosting

When you grow a blog there are typically hundreds of images, text and links that sit on your server. Anytime someone visits an article your hosting provider has to serve up the images and text on your blog to the reader and sometimes this can be slow simply because of how big the blog is.

When you have a slow website you start to lose out on traffic and visibility because users typically do not wait for websites to load for more than 5 seconds.

You can also lose out on Google rankings because the new mobile first index requires your site to have good performance in order to provide a great user experience. You should always choose the best hosting possible.


Kinsta is a powerful managed WordPress hosting platform that uses the Google Cloud to provide super fast hosting that will give you peace of mind. You get all the features like daily backups, website security and free migrations all included in the plan. As well as myself and my other business websites, Kinsta provides hosting for great companies such as Ubisoft, GE and Asos.


In conclusion, writing for a blog takes hard work and dedication but it is achievable if you have the right tools and the right mindset. Using the tools listed above you can grow you blog in a short period of time and start earning money online. I also offer a blogging coach mentor-ship program.

If you already have a blog and want to improve your backlinks you can start guest blogging here at Nicebrains. Get in touch using the contact form below.

    Thanks for reading!