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LinkedIn Cheat Sheet: The Best Guide For Beginners

If you are new to LinkedIn or have been using it for a while now and still have no idea how to get around, here is a list of quick links you can use to find key information about your profile, connections and followers.

LinkedIn is a great tool for generating leads for your business. It has grown over the years to build tools that help you sell using social selling. They even have an app where you can improve your social selling score, which is a score assigned to your account to let you know how good you are at making new connections and leveraging opportunities.

With LinkedIn, you can also download all the email addresses and phone numbers of your contacts and post native video to the platform. Before you get into all of that have a look at out LinkedIn cheat sheet below.

LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

Here is a set of useful links.

Please Note: You have to be logged in to LinkedIn  to view these pages.

View Your Followers:

View People You Follow:

View Your Connections:

View Invitations Received:

View Invitations Sent:

View People Your May Know:

View Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index:

See Who’s Viewed Your Profile:

View Your Activity Stats:

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Archive Your LinkedIn Data:

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