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Amazing New Motivational Clothing Brand To Try Now


Motivational Clothing Brand -

Motivational clothing comes in many shapes and sizes. Most often, we are buying into a brand rather than the actual wording on the t-shirts, joggers, or hats. I have been on the lookout for some great brands that offer a real, non-traditional message and not the same old, soppy messaging you see everywhere especially on Twitter and Instagram.

During my search I came across an unusual brand called Visual Humans. They are a new clothing company who offer unique messaging on their streetwear apparel which appealed to me very much. The story behind their brand is actually really straightforward and inspiring. Even though they started out as a christian clothing company, they have attracted attention from a wider audience as of late.

Visual Humans

They define a visual human as

Someone who makes bold statements and backs it up with real actions to create visible results.

It is worth noting that Visual Humans as a brand really stand out among the other motivational clothing companies. It is very common to see the same old quotes like “You can do it if you tried hard enough” or “There is always failure on the path to success“. Even though these may be true they are massively overused and frankly it was time for a change.

The Clothing Designs

Motivational ClothingThe first design to catch my eye was LET ME HANDLE MY BU$INE$$. It has a real Hip-Hop feel to it and it really stood out because of the contrasting colors used.

Visual Humans explained that the design was inspired by the daily grind of entrepreneurship. It is a message to the world that they are focused on achieving their goals and nothing can get in the way of that.

These are all the products available with the design:

Another design that caught my eye was the GOD ENERGY design.

GOD ENERGY | Visual HumansGOD ENERGY, as they put it is the kind of energy that fuels winners to accomplish great things. They opted to stick with the same visual look with bold colors, a bold font and contrasting colors. Here is a list of the products they offer with the GOD ENERGY design:

You can also check out the BE VISIBLE caps here:

Why Choose Visual Humans Motivational Clothing?

The reason I chose to buy from Visual Humans was the raw and rugged feel of the brand. The order process was a breeze and the products were affordable, not to mention great quality. Some of the more popular motivational clothing brands out there today are very similar in style, design and consumer base. This brand stood out to me as one that went against the grain to do something different and that was very appealing to me.

Be sure to check them out at their website and on social media for any updates and shipping information. I also have the pleasure of partnering with them to offer you 5% off your first purchase using the NICE10 coupon code. Shop Now at Visual Humans. Check out their Instagram account for the latest pictures too!