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The Best Elevator Pitch Example For Students

A quick, punchy statement highlighting your goals, interests and qualifications, most commonly known as the elevator pitch is a vital tool most entrepreneurs use to sell their business ideas or to get funding from VC’s.

As a student it is essential that you perfect your elevator pitch for three main reasons:

  • To use when you find yourself standing next to the admissions officer of your sought after school in an elevator.
  • To use when meeting an employer at a job fair.
  • To use when writing a cover letter or an email introduction.

History of the Elevator Pitch

Who came up with this idea of a short speech, created to persuade a listener into getting on board with an idea?

According to a few sources, it originated in Hollywood. Ambitious writers would walk into an elevator where an oblivious studio executive is stood and in about thirty to sixty seconds would ‘pitch’ a movie or show idea to them. The strategy was to make a statement or series of statements that would last the entirety of an elevator ride which would then astonish the executive into giving them a shot.

There are variations of the Elevator Pitch, such as when a rapper like Big Sean, ambushed Kanye West outside a radio station after an interview to rap 16 bars in order to get a chance for a record deal. The elevator pitch shows ambition, dedication and most of all that you believe in your idea and that you are willing to do anything to get it off the ground.

The pitch can be used online in LinkedIn profiles and introductory emails too!

Elevator Pitch Requirements

The elevator pitch for students should include a few key elements which will make up the body and then you can add a few embellishments to create a more personal feel.

1 – Introduction

You should specif who you are. Stating your first and last name while confidently extending your arm for a firm handshake will leave a good first impression on your target.

2 – Credentials

State what you have done or a are currently doing. This should be something that differentiates you from your colleagues such as your degree and performance, athleticism or other interest that you believe your target will be able to relate to.

3 – Interest

Show you interest in the field. You want your target to see that you are passionate about the job or program you are pitching for. You should also show initiative, by detailing the extra-curricular activities you have undertaken to improve your skills in that area.

4 – Question

This is how you should end your pitch. Your target will want to help so you should ask for more information about what they offer or ask for more time to discuss your plans.

Elevator Pitch Example For Students

In order to perfect your pitch, you should practice and be confident in it. Below is an example of an elevator pitch you can use that will impress any employer, admissions officer or business executive you come across:

Hello, my name is_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, I am currently completing a_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  degree in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ at Leeds University.

I am really interested in becoming a_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in the the field of_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(specify industry).

I have been doing_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ after (extra curricular)

Which has given me skills in_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ which came in handy at an internship I did with_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Is it possible to tell me more about_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.


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