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The Best Business Pitch Example For Entrepreneurs

The business pitch is one of the most important factors in any entrepreneurs life.

It can be the deciding factor when new funding is needed, when a new partner is essential or even when developing the culture in the workplace.

In this article, I will give you the best business pitch example you can use in a any scenario.

As an entrepreneur it is important to create a good pitch, rehearse it and perfect it because knowing how to explain your business idea in a few sentences proves to investors or partners-to-be that you really believe in your idea or product.

Think of your business pitch as a much longer version of your elevator pitch.

The key elements of a great business pitch are as follows:

  • They are short – only a couple of minutes.
  • It tells a story about how your idea can fix a specific problem.
  • It is backed by a concrete business plan.
  • It is full of energy.
  • It is detailed but concise.

The Successful Business Pitch

The points presented above are indicative of what a great business pitch should sound like.

Business pitches should be short and they should capture the attention of the listener within the first minute to make an impact.

The reason for this is because investors or partners do not like complex ideas, if the pitch goes on and on, it suggests that it might be hard to implement in the real world.

Business Pitch Tips

Make your pitch short and straightforward – listing the magnitude of the problems at hand and how you intend to fix them.

Your pitch should tell a passionate story of how an issue that has existed for years finally has a solution in your business idea.

Your business pitch needs to have a solid business plan. Before creating your speech, you should be well versed in the financials of your business and have a clear path to profitability.

Having an energetic demeanor will enthuse listeners and get them on your side.

A successful business pitch always starts and ends with a smile.

Finally, your business pitch should be concise.

When communicating, it is important to address key issues first, highlight the problem that your business will solve, show how the business will make money doing it and if you are seeking finding, explain how the money will be spent.

Why Do You Need A Business Pitch?

The tradition of pitching an idea is said to have started in Hollywood where ambitious writers would find themselves in an elevator with a studio executive and the only way they could get their scripts out there is to pitch it to the executive in under 60 seconds.

This method still works today in a number of industries and has been very effective in helping companies like SendGrid, Airbnb and Buffer get huge amounts of cash injected into their businesses.

The Business Pitch Example

Most businesses that were successful during their pitches had a pitch deck containing 10 slides.

This allowed them to get straight to the point about the product and the problems it aims to solve. This is the business pitch example that you can take and adapt to fit your business:

Hi, I am (your first name), I have started/growing a company called (business name) which is a (say product type) designed for the specific audience (explain audience). Our studies show that (list some findings related to the audience problem).

The company aims to accomplish (state company purpose). Through this our business model is based on (explain how the business will make money from solving the problem).

We will accomplish this by (explain your unique points and what makes you stand out from the rest).

In summary, this article explained the most important elements of a successful business pitch: a short story about how your product can solve a problem for a specific group of people, backed by a solid business plan.

Our business pitch example can be used at any stage of a business in any industry.

Remember that your business pitch has to be full of energy and contain the most important elements within the first minute.

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.