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How To Grow a Beard

A luscious, shiny beard can make you look (and feel!) like a whole new person. Just check out the before and after photos of stars like LeBron James and Paul Rudd — the beard made their faces go from plain to unforgettable

But if those blessed with thick facial hair can try new styles every month, there are some who struggle to grow their thin or even patchy beard and may feel very self-conscious. If that’s you, you came to the right place.

This step-by-step guide on how to grow a beard includes advice that can be followed by anyone and will accompany you from assessing to dieting, fixing, and grooming. Keep reading for my 5 best tips for beer growth.

Step 1 of Beard Growth: Evaluate The Issue 

Assessing your hair type is the first step towards a beard that is fantastic to look at and touch. 

How would you describe your facial hair and the style you wear? Look at the length, thickness, texture, and so on. This will give you valuable information about the type of beard that suits you best.

If your beard is patchy and itchy, for example, you may have a skin issue like dryness or even psoriasis rather than something connected with the hair follicle directly. If instead, you notice easy breakage and split ends, you will grow your beard faster by grooming it and protecting it better.

Step 2 of Beard Growth: Change Your Lifestyle

I hear this question all the time: can everyone grow a beard?

Most people know that baldness depends on genetics. Although many beardless men blame hormones like testosterone, there are many other factors to take into account. 

However, lifestyle and dieting can improve things for the majority of people. Regular exercising and healthy eating will undoubtedly make your beard grow stronger and faster. So will lowering your stress levels and getting enough sleep.

Foods that are rich in protein (eggs, fish, beans) and caffeine (chocolate, tea, and of course, caffeine) will especially help. Keep hydrated and make sure to drink plenty of water every day — a dehydrated skin will not promote growth.

Another lifestyle change of major importance is quitting smoking. Scientific research suggests that smoking works against proper blood circulation and therefore, can prevent your hair from growing. Moreover, it’s been found that smoking can speed up the ageing process and turn your beard grey earlier.

Do Beard Pills Work?

If you’ve ever Googled ‘beard growth’, you’ve probably found a myriad of miracle pills promising you to go from baldness to bushy in 2 weeks. You should be sceptical

It’s true that some nutrients and elements can help with beard growth. Examples include:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Beta-carotene
  • Vitamin C
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Nettle

Some tablets and other supplements pack them in a convenient format. However, there is no simple solution or pill that can replace patience and lifestyle improvements. Moreover, overdoing supplements can easily become counterproductive and even put your health at risk.

In short, an overall healthy and happy body will certainly facilitate a healthy and happy beard. If you can identify specific underlying issues, you will be able to target them with dieting.

how to grow a beardStep 3 of Beard Growth: Develop a Skincare Routine

As mentioned before, in order to reach your beard target, you must create a favourable skin environment. As you keep your body active, so you should do with your skin.

Regular scrubs and exfoliants will remove dead skin cells and improve circulation, stimulating hair growth. Once a week should be enough. Those with dandruff may feel tempted to overdo this but be careful: excessive scrubbing may worsen dryness.

Your face should always be kept clean and washed with warm water and gentle soap. Going to sleep without washing first is a no-no as it will leave pollutants and sweat on and clog your pores. 

And if you’re not doing it already, use a good, natural moisturiser designed to keep things soft and absorb fast.

Step 4 of Beard Growth: Learn to be Patient

Many people fail to meet their beard goals simply because they lose their patience. Waiting for hair to grow can be very frustrating and yes, there will be a time when your facial hair will itch day and night.

The obvious advice is — don’t scratch your beard and be patient. Committing to the process is hard but it pays off.

How long does it take to grow a beard?

The average facial hair grows at a rate of ½ inch per month. Yes, the bad news is, it’s a long process. Before you can see a full, thick, and long beard, it will be months. And expert says, your beard will be at its longest six years after you stop shaving.

Leave your beard alone for the first few weeks. Resist the temptation of grooming it until you hit the 4-6 weeks mark. No shaving, obviously, and no trimming. This has been proved to be the fastest way to grow a beard. After then, you can start experimenting with your newly full beard.

Step 5 of Beard Growth: Moisturise Your Beard

We talked about skincare and moisturisers, but of course, your beard needs some love too. A great way to keep it healthy is beard oil. Oil products will not only make the hair softer, but also protect it from external damaging factors like UV rays, extreme cold, and chlorine.

There is a sea of options out there. My personal favourite is Citrus Spicy Blend Oil by Beard Major because of its natural ingredients, accessible price and (I’ll admit it) cool and attractive scent.

When washing, remember that facial hair is still hair. Besides being cleaned with a gentle shampoo, your beard needs to be conditioned too.

Trimming is also a special way to care for your beard and make it softer. The expertise with which you use your razors, as well as the tools themselves, make a difference. Go to a specialist if you don’t feel particularly confident.

I hope you found all the above useful. In short, find below the main takeaways of this article and therefore, the steps to take if you want to bring the wow factor into your beard:

  • Genetics, hormones, and health conditions affect the way your beard behaves. Some people may need to see a professional.
  • Lifestyle changes are a major step in beard growth: eat healthily, quit smoking, rest well, and don’t trust phoney miracle pills.
  • Your beard and skin are connected, you can’t grow one without taking care of the other.
  • Stop shaving, stop picking, stop itching. Leave your beard alone and learn to be patient. You are unlikely to see results for at least 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Keep your beard soft with regular trimmings (once the first weeks are gone), beard oil, beard conditioner, and other specific products.

Disclaimer: my articles contain all my expertise. Sometimes, I may refer you guys to products I love. I may make some $$ if you purchase them through my page.