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10 of The Best Beard Oils You Can Buy In 2020

Beard oil is known to improve your facial hair. It is proven to enhance growth, condition your beard and replenish the natural oils your beard loses as it gets washed. However, it’s much more than that because it can help your beard on several levels. 

But where do you start? There is an astonishing number of oils available on the market, from Seven Potions to BeardMajor and Captain Fawcett, the choice is endless. And on top of that, there are amazing beard oil alternatives like Coconut oil which have shown great promise recently.

I’m sure you have come across all kinds of beard brands, with varying scents and fragrances, and the purpose of this article is to review the types of beard oil, explain what goes into them and what they do your beard.

man pouring beard oil

What Is Beard Oil?

As the word suggests, it is an oily formulation that is essentially a leave-in conditioner for your beard. It is typically applied to stubble, full beards or your moustache to make it feel softer and more hydrated. In many cases, it is the stimulant you need for beard growth.

For most guys, it’s sometimes a good idea to change things up. The beard routine that worked just fine a year ago may no longer be appropriate for the results you want today. And as a result, we have listed the best beard oils on the market below.

What Is Beard Oil Made Of?

The best beard oils are often the ones with the simplest formulation and the shortest ingredient list. Typically, you’ll find:

  • Natural and essential oils – The most popular and effective ones for hair care are argan, almond, avocado, castor, and jojoba. However, some compounds may include some more particular ones like pomegranate, tea tree, and more, depending on the specific issues they set out to address.
  • Fragrances – Beard oil scents can vary greatly and accommodate virtually every taste. Opt for pine, musk, or leather if you like an old-fashioned aroma, get more adventurous with jasmine, citrus, and even pepper if you like to experiment.
  • Other nutrients. Many formulations include extra ingredients that promote beard growth like vitamin E. There are also many companies that only use organic, responsibly-sourced ingredients if that’s a priority for you.

Why Use Beard Oil?

Increased moisture, less itching and a great smelling beard are only some of the reasons why you should be using beard oil. Beard oils leave your beard feeling nice and soft. If you have a long beard, the oil will help you detangle it without having to pull it and risk damaging it. Calm. Some concoctions are specifically formulated for irritated and sensitive skin. 

Split ends and breakage don’t only come with your DNA but also heavily depend on environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, pollution, or the fact that you can be often found in a chlorinated swimming pool. Beard oil can help protect your precious beard and prevent damage.

Does Beard Oil Make Your Facial Hair Grow?

This is what everyone’s asking! The answer is yes and no. Beard oil can indeed speed up the process with targeted ingredients and thanks to its protective action. However, it’s not a miracle potion that will make your patchy, weak beard go full in 2 weeks. That takes patience, lifestyle changes, and sometimes even professional help. We wrote a full guide on beard grooming with more details about that. Have a read.

How Often to Use Beard Oil

The best time to use beard oil is right after a shower or washing your face, especially in the morning or before going out. This way, the oil will protect your hair from external agents. Rub just a few drops in your hands, then apply to your beard and massage throughout in order to stimulate the hair follicles, promote blood flow, and make sure to have all of your hair covered.

You can use a brush or comb and proceed to style as usual. I also like to have a little ‘top-up’ if I go out at night and want that amazing smell to turn heads. 

Where To Buy Beard Oil

You can buy beard oil directly from beard brand websites or through the major eCommerce platforms. Find below my top choices for ingredients, results, and pricing:

Citrus Spicy Blend Oil by BeardMajor

Beard oils - beardmajor

Beard Major offers a wide range of accessories, beard oils and grooming products. Their Citrus Spicy Blend is by far my favourite oil because of its light consistency and delicious smell. The nourishing ingredients will keep your beard soft, shiny and feeling rejuvenated thanks to their protective properties. Keep an eye out for special offers and discounts! Price: £25 for 50ml, but you can find it under £20 often.

But It Here

The Arctic Explorer 1813 by Braw Beard


beard oils- arctic

You can trust the Scots when it comes to beards. This company, founded in 2012, adds hempseed oil to some of its products to encourage growth. The Arctic Explorer is, in my opinion, the oil that best combines results and scent (sweet fresh mint fragrance, made with ylang ylang, peppermint, and cypress). One of the most conditioning oils on this list, use it on very dry skin in need of urgent care.

Price: £27.99 for 50ml on Amazon.

Buy It Here

Beard Oil by Jack Black

Beard Oil by Jack Black

No fancy names or bottles. At Black Jack, they’re so confident in their beard oil that they sell just the one and call things as they are. This vegan certified organic, and cruelty-free product includes some must-have ingredients like vitamin E and antioxidants. If what you want is zero fuss and lots of growth, this is your guy.

Price: £23 for 30ml on Amazon but if you’re happy with the results, you can save with a subscription.

Buy It Here

The Wood Chopper by The Audacious Beard Company

Beard oil - audacious beard company

The unforgettable notes of pine needle will explain the name of this beard oil the moment you open the bottle. While the vitamin E works on turning you from woodchopper into a bear, its 5 essential oils are specifically mixed to soothe beard itch. Ideal for those who can’t keep their hands off their face and those who experience dandruff. This stuff is powerful: a mere 4 to 5 drops should suffice.

Price: £9.95 for 30ml on Amazon.

Buy It Here

Premium Beard Oil by Seven Potions

beard oil - seven potions

If you believe in word-of-mouth and trust your neighbour’s opinion, then check out this Premium Beard Oil’s page on Amazon. Hundreds of enthusiastic customers left it 5 stars and I had to see what all the fuss was about. This is a real no-nonsense oil: it absorbs quickly so that you can get on with your day and is 100% made in England with natural ingredients, so no nasty parabens, silicones, or synthetic fragrances. Jojoba and sweet almond oil will replenish your skin and hair and give it a natural shiny look. Oh, did I mention that it’s one of the most affordable premium oils out there?

Price: £17.97 for 30ml on Amazon.

Buy It Here

Teds Grooming Room Beard Oil by Ted Baker

beard oil - ted baker

I’m a fan of the 45ml bottle because, well, who likes to run out of stuff? But I also love how the jojoba oil (a classic ingredient) teams up with Meadowood foam for a hassle-free grooming routine. Even if your beard hasn’t had a trim in a while, your whiskers will be easily disciplined.

Price: only £13 on Amazon.

Buy It Here

The Grooming Oil by Lab Series

beard oil - lab series

Ok, so you’re intrigued by the benefits of beard oils but can’t really be bothered adding a new step to your morning routine and a new bottle to your bathroom shelf? Are you also not into pricey items? Then Lab Series made this for you.

The Grooming Oil can be left on as oil or used as a shaving cream substitute when it’s time for a big chop.

Price: £8 for 50ml on Amazon.

Buy It Here

Le Labo Beard Oil

beard oil - le labo

The mixologists at Le Labo came up with a formulation that is specifically researched for sensitive skin. Yet, its aroma is bold and captivating. Think lavender, bergamot, violet, and tonka bean working together to turn heads. Parabens, phthalates, and artificial colourants will be kept off your irritable skin with this premium plant-based concoction.

Price: £47 for 60ml

Buy It Here

Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil by Kiehl’s

beard oil - Kiehl's

If a flaky beard is getting to your nerves, then look no further. Unlike all other oils on this list, Kiehl’s added salicylic acid to their ingredient list for gentle exfoliation. Basically, this very delicate acid bonds with your dead skin cells and removes them, leaving behind soft, healthy skin that can finally breathe. With a bouquet of cedarwood, sandalwood and eucalyptus essential oils, you will smell fresh all day long.

Price: £26 for 30ml on Amazon.

Buy It Here

Beard Oil Conditioner by Hawkins & Brimble

beard oil - hawkins

Fully made in the UK, this is a fantastic oil for beginners. It’s reasonably priced and doesn’t contain irritating ingredients. Not greasy, it’s easy to use and incorporate into your daily grooming routine. Argan oil and shea butter will keep all fizz at bay.

Price: Under £10 for 50ml on Amazon.

Buy It Here

Best Beard Oils in 2020

As we explained above, beard oil conditions your facial hair keeps it soft and prevents itching. Choosing the right beard oil for your beard is a matter of personal preference. Look at the ingredients carefully, choose a scent that you will be comfortable with and get started using beard oil to improve your facial hair.


The boring disclaimer: I think the products featured on this page are awesome and would recommend them to anyone. Due to affiliate links, however, I may make some $$$ if you buy them.