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5 Healthy Drinks To Make You Grow Taller

5 Healthy Drinks That Make You Grow Taller

A lot of people, myself included eat foods that keeps the brain healthy or foods that help boost memory but did you know that there are certain foods and drinks that can make you grow taller? A bone is a living and growing tissue and if you feed it the right ingredients, it will become …

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Brain Foods to Boost Memory

4 Brain Foods That Will Boost Your Memory

Having good memory is both attractive in your social life and valuable in your professional life. If you choose to eat foods rich in vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids, you can boost memory and concentration and prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia. Keep reading to find out more. Eggs Proteins in general …

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Super Foods For Healthy Brain

3 Super Foods That Will Keep Your Brain Healthy

Because your brain is the most important organ in your body it is important to consciously eat foods that will promote brain health and reduce the risk of developing degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia. Here are 3 super foods that will keep your brain healthy. Sunflower Seeds Homemade granola – so TASTY! …

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Twitter Followers

The Reason You Are Seeing A Drop In Your Twitter Follower Count

Twitter is taking great steps to ensure that their network is more reliable in terms of user behavior and follower counts. At the beginning of the year, they announced through a Tweet that they would begin taking real action against any user that was violating their terms of service. At Nicebrains, we have been working …

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Twitter Search History

Twitter Search Data & History: How To Clear It Quickly

New Twitter features have been released to give you more control over the content you post, what you see in search and how your behavior affects your account. Twitter has added new features steadily over the past few years, with advanced search and their push to limit abuse on the platform, Twitter are on a …

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Twitter Shadowban Tester

If you are looking to test whether you are banned on Twitter, there is a new way to check which we have outlined below. New Twitter rules are starting to take effect and you should read this post to find out more and get in the know! Twitter Shadowban Test Recent changes at Twitter have …

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5 Books About Genetics You Need To Read

Genetics is a constantly changing field in which important new discoveries are made all the time. The underlying foundations of genetics however remain the same. With the right reading material,  getting to grips with the fundamentals puts you one step closer to one day making important discoveries of your own. whether your goal is to …

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Books To Expand Your Mind

5 Books To Read That Will Expand Your Mind

Over the last few months I have adopted reading as a habit. There are many reasons why regular reading is good for you, not only does regular reading make you more intelligent, it exposes you to different ideas and forces you to think differently. Reading is also scientifically proven to boost your brain power, make …

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Books To Increase Intelligence

5 Books That Will Increase Your Intelligence

The human brain is the greatest organ created. It has the capacity to work round the clock to power your body at work, make complex decisions at school and let you know when to play or relax. For it to increasingly perform well and retain more knowledge, we need to feed it with the right …

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