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The Google Analytics Report To Use When You Want To Increase Website Conversions

No one is ever satisfied with website lead generation. It’s either your website is doing moderately well but you can’t figure out how to get to the next level or it is absolutely not generating any leads – then you have a problem. The truth is, believe it or not there are people out there searching for your products and if you are not converting minimum 2.6% of your website visitors into leads you need to review your overall site performance and of course, calls to action.

Website Visitors, Bounce Rate Infographic

Sometimes it may feel like you can’t win but guess what…


  • It is no secret that Google favours websites with good performance and a clean design with minimal use of JavaScript.
  • Most visitors will leave a webpage if it does not load after only 5 Seconds. 1…2…3…4…5…GONE!

Read those statements over once again and hopefully you realise what I mean when I say it is all about performance. If your site has poor performance, you probably will not get good organic (FREE) traffic. Without FREE traffic, you will have to pay for expensive PPC Campaings and advertising.

If your site has poor performance, your webpages will not even load quickly enough for users to read all your amazing text content and click on any buttons – because it simply did not load.

If your site has poor performance, all that money you spent hiring a developer to make a beautiful website is wasted because, frankly, users do not care about design, they are after a product, a service – they want you to meet their need and due to the sheer amount of information and choice online, users know that if they do not find what they want on your site they will find it somewhere else.


There are a lot of things, namely,

  1. Your hosting provider,
  2. Website size,
  3. Number or images used (and how much you have compressed them),
  4. How much you minify your JavaScript and CSS code
  5. …and the list goes on.

Your web developer or agency will probably not look into this and there is a simple way of finding out if your site pages are loading at the average of 5 seconds or more.


Menu > Behaviour > Site Speed > Overview

This is one of the many ways Google Analytics is a God-send! Using the Site Speed Report, you can identify your average load time and get expert recommendations on how to rectify any errors on your pages that are slowing down your site.

Not only will it tell you your average page time over a given period, it will also tell you your page load time by browser, page and country. With this you can identify trends by browser or location and take appropriate action. As you can see my pages are well below the average – they were not always like this!

Google Analytics Conversion Rate Optimisation Reports


When you view the average page load time and quickly realise that some work needs to be done, head over the Speed Suggestions sub menu, wait for it to load and scroll down to the list of pages where you will find your PageSpeed Suggestions. Only focus on the pages with low PageSpeed Scores at first because these are the pages that need a lot of improvement. Click on the arrows (highlighted) to open new window where your improvements will be displayed.

Google Analytics Conversion Rate Optimisation Reports


Your website performance is too important to overlook. With high performance, you will likely perform very well in Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), your users will stay longer on your site and your content will be visible quickly enough.

Using the Site Speed Report you will be well on your way to optimising your website for your users as well as search engines and that is how your increase conversions.