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5 Most Important Mobile Apps For Business

Small and large businesses alike are running more efficiently thanks to a plethora of well-designed functional mobile apps for businesses that take the effort out of reaching new prospects, paying suppliers on time, communicating with internal team members and even complying with state laws and regulations.

Mobile Apps For BusinessUsing a smartphone, smartwatch and even smart speakers, business owners are reaping the benefits of using smart technology to improve the efficiency of their business. In this article I will run through ten of the most important mobile apps for businesses that you need to install today to help you run business functions such as:

  • Reaching New Customers
  • Managing Admin and Paperwork
  • Paying Suppliers On Time
  • Generating Sales Leads Online
  • Managing Your Company Website
  • Managing Business Travel

Choosing Mobile Apps For Your Business

When choosing an app for your employees or your team, it is important to choose apps that compliment the various skill levels within your team. Different team members will have different tolerance levels to technology and sometimes a newly introduced app can make a simple job much more difficult. Here are a few questions to ask when choosing an app for your business:

  1. Is it really necessary?
  2. How much training will I need to provide?
  3. What systems need to be put in place to ensure the app integrates well into the business?
  4. Will my team be able to use this app?

After you establish that the app is a suitable fit within your business you can go ahead and install one of the apps listed below.

Mobile Apps For Accounting

FreeAgent – Accounting Software: FreeAgent will allow you to forecast tax, create reminders, create and send invoices, log expenses and view you entire business financial operations in one dashboard. Whether you are a small business or a sole trader FreeAgent will help you stay compliant and run your business more effectively.

KashFlow – Accounting Software: The KashFlow app and desktop software has been designed to save you time and effort by letting you manage your accounts on your terms anytime, anywhere. The intuitive dashboard allows you to send invoices, stay compliant with HMRC and helps you get paid faster.

Mobile Apps For Business Communication

Zendesk – Customer Service: Zendesk allows your business to be more reliable and flexible. With intuitive reporting, you can judge the health of you customer base, improve communication and make sense of massive amounts of data. Zendesk is useful for improving your helpdesk ticket system, instantly reaching your customers through live web chat and providing knowledge bases.

Basecamp – Project Management & Team Communication: Basecamp will supercharge you project management and team communication by combining all your team discussions, tasks, work files, schedules & chats in one place, making it easier to see what needs doing, where to find things, and what’s going on.

Mobile CRM App

Customer relationship management is the most important element when it comes to taking care of your customers and clients and responding to client queries on time and keeping track of all your dealing with customers. Here is a list of CRM mobile apps:

Insightly – CRM App: Insightly gives you the opportunity to accelerate sales, build fruitful relationships and deliver projects on time. With rich integration capability, you can connect your Insightly CRM to your favorite apps and communicate with your various business systems seamlessly.

Why Use Mobile Apps For Business?

Using mobile apps for your business will increase efficiency, communication and help your team work collaboratively on projects. You can manage your finances more easily, compliment your B2B marketing efforts with an effective CRM and keep your customer data secure.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to share your thoughts or questions in the comments section below.