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9 Badass Instagram Tools For Incredible Growth

Looking for the best Instagram tool to help you grow your online presence, manage followers, automatically schedule posts or analyze your audience? If so, you are in the right place.

We have compiled the best Instagram tools to help you build and grow an authentic audience on Instagram. In this article, we will show you Instagram Tools For Businesses, for influencers, for scheduling posts,  planning content and general user management.

Why Use Instagram Tools?

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With over 800 million monthly active users, Instagram has grown massively in popularity and as a result has become a great way to earn money, promote your business and build a brand.

As one of the most popular and influential social media networks in the world, Instagram has attracted droves of app developers who have built tools to help with automation, growth, analytics and multiple account management.

As business owners and influencers grow their following it becomes essential to utilize features like timed Instagram posts to serve their most active followers and even automate user engagement to increase follower growth.

The Best Instagram Tools For Business

When it comes to growing or managing your business page, here are the best Instagram tools to use:

1. Later

Instagram Tools

Later is one of the most popular Instagram scheduling tools you will find. It provides a visual content calendar that allows you to plan posts ahead of time and automatically share new images on Instagram while you do other things.

As long as you have a business profile you won’t need to lift a finger or approve a post once it is ready, it is all done automatically.

Later also offers Instagram analytics and the chance to create a shoppable feed to get sales straight from your page.

With their free plan for individual accounts, you get to post up to 30 images a month to Instagram and another 30 additionally to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

2. Hootsuite

Instagram Tools

With Hootsuite, you get similar functions that Later offers however you can manage your Instagram account as a team and plan campaigns across many different accounts with multiple members of your team.

Hootsuite also offers great visual reporting to help you track your progress and measure the performance of your posts. This is great for creating reports for your CEO or upper management.

3. Combin

Instagram Tools - Combin

Combin offers a powerful desktop application to help you power-up your Instagram marketing. With their advanced search function, you can find potential followers and engage on a greater scale while being as targeted as possible.

Combin also offers useful features including:

  • User search analysis
  • Audience management
  • Activity statistics

New features such as post scheduling and direct message and comment management will be coming soon to their app.

Instagram Tools For Bloggers and Influencers

Here is a list of Instagram tools to help you grow your following, increase traffic to your blog and improve your online presence:

4. Planoly

Instagram Tool - Planoly


As a visual planner for Instagram, Planoly aims to help you organize your Instagram feed and make it look beautiful.

The Planoly app is a one-stop-shop for Instagram account management, giving you the option to plan your content using their drag and drop editor, schedule posts, reply to comments and plan stories.

In addition to all those great features, Planoly also give you the ability to monetize your Instagram account through shoppable posts.

Simply tag products in your posts, track engagement and watch your sales grow.

5. Iconosquare

Instagram Tool - Iconosquare

Iconosquare provides Instagram analytics tools for small businesses and agencies. Their tools provide insight into your content performance and audience engagement.

With one dashboard for managing all your social media accounts, you can easily take care of your audience growth and content curation.

Iconosquare also provides content scheduling and planning services as part of their app with automatic posting, location, and account tagging to help you increase your followers.

6. Tailwind

Instagram Tools - Tailwind

Tailwind is an Instagram tool for bloggers and small businesses designed to manage Instagram marketing activities. With a smart hashtag finder and a drag and drop editor, it helps you increase engagement and track your results.

As part of their service, you also get a browser extension so help you find content online and automatically add to your posts queue.

Tailwind also provides detailed profile analytics, trend monitoring, and intuitive data visualizations to help you understand your numbers.

7. Upleap

Instagram Tool

Get more followers with through targeted engagement with Upleap. As part of their service, you get a dedicated account manager who grows your likes, followers and social presence.

With Upleap, you choose your ideal audience and similar accounts and then your dedicated account manager does all the heavy lifting.

8. Linktree

Linktree Instagram Tool

As you know, Instagram gives the option to just place one link in your bio. Linktree helps you link to more than just one piece of content.

You easily create a list of your most important links in Linktree and then you get given a personalized URL which you place in your bio.

Once users click on the link they can then choose the one most relevant to them. It is a very popular Instagram tool used by many musicians, artists, and bloggers. Even Alicia Keys uses it:

Instagram Tool - Linktree Profile

9. Canva

Instagram Tools - Canva

Do you need an Instagram tool to help you design unique posts and stories? If so Canva is the right one for you.

With easy drag and drop tools, you can create quotes, images with text, stylish videos and more. Canva comes with thousands of templates to choose from so there is always the inspiration you need to create amazing posts.

Conclusion: The Best Instagram Tool For Your Account

Instagram is a great platform to showcase your brand and improve your online presence. With a great strategy, the right mix of content and use of great Instagram tools you can grow significantly on the platform.

We hope you find the tools listed above beneficial and thanks for reading.