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30 Brilliant Home Business Ideas You Can Start Right Now

Are you looking for the most profitable home business ideas to take you into the world of entrepreneurship?

Whether you seek a side hustle in addition to the day job or you are a mom looking for creative small business ideas, we have put together 30 of the most unbeatable and legitimate home based business opportunities to help you make your decision.

Before we get to our list of home business ideas with low startup costs it is important to remind you that starting a business requires hard work and sacrifice.

The reward, however, is usually incredibly great in terms of the monetary value and the lifestyle benefits.

Why Work From Home?

As a writer, I work from home and spend my time writing for this blog and 5 others while also working as a blogging coach and SEO expert helping my clients grow their own blogs businesses organically through SEO.

Building my business from home took some time and dedication but once it got going it gave me the freedom to work on the other things I am passionate about like photography and cars.

If you want to take a break from the 9 – 5 job and want to start a small business, our list of 30 home business ideas and extensive social media marketing tips can help you.

When choosing a home business you should go for ideas that you already have some experience in. This is the most common way to get started because it ensures that you have an idea about the field and can offer something valuable to people.

The Most Successful Home Business Ideas Available Today

Here is our list of 30 home business ideas that suit anyone with passion and the desire to be their own boss:

1. Graphic Designer

If you are creative and have excellent design skills, consider starting a graphic design business. This business entails designing logos, posters, advertisements, infographics, websites, and even mobile apps.

All you need is a computer and some software that is tailored for the graphic design job. You can get started selling your services on marketplaces like or even directly through your Instagram page.

2. Copywriter

Home Business Ideas

As a copywriter, you will be writing different types of promotional materials for businesses including newsletters, blog posts,  direct mailing content, and even eBooks!

You will have the flexibility to work from home as a copywriter and can work at your own pace.

To do this job, however, you need to have excellent writing skills and a passion for writing and creating content. You can get started selling your services directly through your blog or a marketplace like iWriter!

Our guide on setting up a blog will help you get started.

3. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you will be handling inquiries and support issues tasks for businesses. The most common tasks include responding to phone calls, sending and responding to emails, managing content among others.

You don’t need to meet any specific requirements to be a virtual assistant but you should have a very good phone manner.

4. Bookkeeping

Small businesses don’t have resources to employ full-time accountants. If you have excellent bookkeeping skills, you should consider starting this business.

If you are not a Certified Public Accountant, you can learn bookkeeping skills online through sites like Udemy.

5. Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist, you can run your business from the comfort of your home. There are tons of training courses and workshops you can attend to perfect your skills.

You should also get a license from your state before starting this business and market your services using Twitter or Facebook

6. Hairstylist

If you have experience in styling people’s hair, start a salon business from your home. Having this business means you can build a list of loyal customers who only come back to you to do their hair.

Even though there might be a slight up-front investment to get the right tools, cosmetic products, and equipment, the return will be great for you.

7. Interior Design Business

Starting an interior design business from home does not require a fancy certification. Having a certification is usually desirable, however.

You only need to have high levels of creativity to come up with different designs, a nice space in your home to work from, a good website and a reliable phone number to receive incoming inquiries.

8. Events Planner

Planning for major events such as weddings, graduations, fundraisers and even birthdays can be hectic. People always seek help from planners and ff you have good organization skills, consider venturing into this business.

9. Daycare Provider

If you are good with kids and have plenty of space in your home, you should start a daycare business. You don’t need any degree or expensive training to run this business. You will need to have passion and patience.

Make sure you get a license from the city council as well.

10. YouTube Personality

As crazy as this sounds, it is not that difficult to achieve. If you have an outgoing personality or like to share and connect with people, YouTube is perfect for you.

You can create videos on any topic and earn revenue from ads. You don’t need any training to be a YouTuber. However, you should focus on creating quality content to gain many viewers and subscribers.

11. Write Ebooks

If you are creative and have top-notch writing skills, you should consider writing ebooks. The topics can either be fictional or based on real-life experiences. Amazon offers very good rates for writers to publish Kindle eBooks.

You can sell your books directly to consumers through your website and keep the higher margin too!

12. Social Media Consultant

Many businesses are using social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others to market themselves. Start a home business that specializes in social media management.

Get some training on a particular network or topics like LinkedIn SEO or Twitter for business and reach out to local businesses. having only a handful of regular paying clients can prove to be very lucrative for you.

13. Dog Grooming

Do you love dogs? Set up a dog grooming business right at your home. You only need to get some grooming supplies and a dedicated space from where you will be handling dogs.

An additional revenue stream could be a dog-walking service as well!

14. Professional Photographer

You can convert a room in your home into a photo studio. This business does not require any special training. You will need a good camera and the lighting systems for the studio.

As a professional photographer working from home, you can offer a whole range of services from Photoshop editing, to even stop-motion animation.

15. Bicycle Repair

If you are good at fixing different issues on your bicycle, consider turning an extra space in your garage into a workshop. Bicycles don’t require a large space and you can comfortably run this business from your home.

16. Baker

You can run a bakery from the comfort of your kitchen. You only need to have the skills and get the necessary equipment. Utilize various online platforms like Instagram to market your service.

17. Catering Service

Do you have enviable culinary skills? Consider turning them into a business. Start a catering business where you will be preparing food from your home and deliver to clients.

One of the easiest ways to get clients is to visit the offices near your home and hand out flyers – when they have any executive meetings you will provide all the catering!

18. Website and App Development

This business is quite technical and you need to have in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A Degree in Computer Science or any other IT-related field may be necessary.

You can still utilize various online tutorials from sites like Udemy to become a programmer. You will only need a computer and a working space to run this business successfully.

19. Life Coach

As a life coach, you will be teaching people about various life issues including career development, relationships, personal growth and many others. You can interact with your clients online hence a computer and a mobile phone will come in handy.

20. Tax Preparation

As mentioned before, the tax business is a lucrative business especially if you are an expert in this field. You can enroll in tax training courses to give you the upper hand when reaching out to potential clients. Take note that this is a seasonal business.

21. Digital Marketing Consultant

If you are good in different aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, social media and email marking, you can become a marketing consultant and run this consultancy business from your home.

I do this in my spare time and I am able to help people from around the world while earning money. I do this through Clarity.

22. Translation Business

If you can communicate eloquently in different languages, you should consider turning this skill into a business. Your main task will be to translate documents and even audio files into different languages.

23. Transcription Business

This business will require you to have good typing speeds. You will need a computer and a quality audio output device such as a headphone. Your job will be to convert audio and video files into readable texts.

24. Blogging

Setting up a blog is probably one of the home business ideas. Apart from writing for other people, you can set up your own blog and earn money from it through ads.

Choose your preferred topic then get a good web hosting platform. Once you have published enough content, you can look for ways to monetize the blog.

25. Build Furniture

If you are an expert in crafting furniture and you have plenty of space at your home, start a furniture business. You can then sell your productions on various online platforms like Etsy, eBay or even Amazon.

26. Electronic Repair Business

If you have skills in bringing dead electronic appliances back to life, open this business in your home. You will be able to earn a decent income from repairing smartphones, tablets, kitchen and other home appliances.

27. Cyber-security Consultant

This is another home business idea for the tech-savvy. It is suitable for people who have in-depth knowledge on the matters of internet security. Individuals who want to secure their systems will pay for your advice.

28. Landscape Design Business

If you derive happiness in designing your landscape, convert that hobby into a full-time business. Although you can get this knowledge by going to schools, you can still become a self-taught landscape designer.

29. Pet Sitting Business

Home Business Ideas

Pet sitting is a purely home-based business. First, you need to ask yourself whether you love pets. If the answer is yes, start contacting local pet owners who may need your service.

You can create flyers and distribute in your neighborhood to get a start.

30. Online Tutorials

Do you consider yourself an expert? Teach other people to be like you. You can use video platforms such as YouTube to publish your online tutorials or set up online courses on your website as we have done here.

Brilliant and Realistic Home Business Ideas

With these home business ideas, you should be able to find something that you can do. As much as working from home may be fun, it also requires high levels of discipline.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our list and found it useful in helping you make your decision.