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6 Great Coffee Business Ideas To Start Today

With over 100 million coffee drinkers in the United States alone, the coffee business is booming. If you have ever considered combining your entrepreneurial spirit with your love of coffee, this is  the right time to start a coffee business.

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For your coffee business to be successful, you must:

· Create a good business plan: This will be one of the first steps you’ll take towards beginning a coffee business. Be clear on your customer base, possible competitors, plans for growth, and troubleshooting strategies. Before you create a traditional plan, write down a one-page pitch to allow you validate your business idea and have a good sense of your market.

· Get an accountant: Having an accountant will work in your favour, as this will give you more time to focus on other aspects of the business. Ensure you get someone who believes in you and can help you accomplish your goals.

Some Facts About The Coffee Industry

  • Coffee is the second most sought after commodity in the world, crude oil is the first.
  • Although coffee is produced by developing countries, it is consumed by developed countries mostly.
  • There was a time when drinking coffee had a death penalty.
  • Over 25 million people depend on coffee farming as a source of income.
  • More than 500 billion cups of coffee are taken in the world everyday.
  • America depends on coffee for about half of its caffeine.
  • Over half of Americans over 18 years of age drink coffee daily.
  • When it comes to restaurant business, the quickest growing niches in the world is coffee.
  • Thousands of users search for funny coffee gifts online every month across the globe.
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The 10 Coffee Business Ideas

Idea #1 – Weight Loss Coffee

There are various weight loss coffee brands selling coffee all around the world. You can create your own weight loss coffee brand or start drop-shipping so that you won’t have to handle any physical goods.

Idea #2 – Sell Anti-Ageing Coffee

Coffee has anti-oxidant properties. One cup of coffee reportedly has up to 350mg of phenolic compounds that could help people stay young. You could partner up with an existing brand or create your own brand of anti-ageing coffee.

Idea #3 – Sustainable Coffee Roasting Café

Some people prefer freshly prepared coffee rather than pre-packaged brands. This could be a great opportunity for you if you recognise such a market. Begin your own coffee roasting café and cater to consumers that prefer fresh, natural coffee in a friendly environment surrounded by coffee.

Coffee Business Ideas

Idea #4 – Coffee Shop

If you are wired like me you probably need a cup coffee in the morning, however some workers have no time to take a cup before leaving for work. This is why coffee shops profit because some people pick up their coffee on their way in the morning or during lunch hour. The shops can also be used as meeting spots. In addition to selling coffee, you can also sell snacks.

Invest some time to find the right building: You need a good location for your coffee shop to be successful. Your shop should be centrally located, a place people always gather, and a place that is comfortable for your vision.

A floor plan is necessary for a coffee shop. This will enable your customers to have enough space to form a line, have a comfortable seating area, and your employees will have all materials within reach. As part of your coffee shop you can also generate passive income selling funny coffee t-shirts and quirky coffee gifts which have a huge demand online.

Idea #5 – Coffee Cart

A mobile coffee cart is a great coffee business idea. It is flexible and does not require a costly monthly rental bill. you will however need to raise the capital to purchase the coffee cart.

Idea #6 – Coffee Farming

This is really dependant on your location but coffee farming is a great source of income. You could begin your coffee farm and sell coffee seeds to clients who would process the coffee using those seeds.

Coffee Business Ideas


In conclusion, if you have always dreamt about starting your own coffee business, these ideas can help you decide on which kind of coffee business to go into. With social media and highly effective search engine ads you can set up your business and quickly begin selling attracting customers.

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