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5 Books That Will Increase Your Intelligence

The human brain is the greatest organ created. It has the capacity to work round the clock to power your body at work, make complex decisions at school and let you know when to play or relax. For it to increasingly perform well and retain more knowledge, we need to feed it with the right information from the right books, the right people, the right TV shows and more. Below is a selection of 5 books to increase intelligence that you should read.

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Books To Increase Your Intelligence

1. Being Wrong: Adventures in The Margin of Error

In a world full of people who would never admit to being in the wrong, one is deemed to be intelligent if they admit so. This book helps you to understand the history of error and why admitting you are wrong is a strength rather than weakness.

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2. The Power of Habit

They say that people who have good habits tend to be smarter than those with poor ones. Reading this book will open up your mind to the ways this is possible and how to change those habits that pull us back. If you successfully read through and put into practice what is recommended by Charles Duhigg, you will undoubtedly be on the way to improving your intelligence.

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3. Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioural Economics

Psychologist and Nobel laureate Richard H. Thaler finds the link between our economic state and thought process. There is no better way to improve your intelligence aside from reading this book. You will discover that humans errors are directly linked to the state of the economy and the only way to avoid adverse consequences brought about by our miscalculations and errors is through making smart decisions.

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4. The Courage to Write

It takes immense courage for anyone to write, especially because of criticism. You can increase your intelligence by learning how to handle criticism and channel it into positive energy that helps you improve your writing skills every day.

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5. Jump Start Your Business

Before venturing into business you need to be well informed in order to avoid well-documented misfortunes. Actively engage your mind as you read how Doug Hall gives insights on methods with proof that can be used to not only boost sales but conduct the right market research and marketing strategy for your business.

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Intelligence is not something you are born with. Yes, there are naturally gifted people like Elon Musk who are extremely brainy and have the courage to take on challenges that no one else is ready to tackle. However, these people actively seek ways to improve on their knowledge and are keen lifelong learners.

Intelligence can be developed in many ways, you can even eat food to make you smarter but overall, it is all about how willing you are to develop and grow. Smart people are always in the quest for knowledge and I hope that these books will help increase your intelligence broadly.