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Beats Library: What It Is & How It Works

NB BeatsLibrary

Tagline: Get The Right Beat For The Right Song

Description: Get amazing rap, afrobeat, dance, and r&b instrumentals to help you create a unique sound and make the next #1 hit song.


Pricing: from $19.99/per month

Product Overview

Beats Library (branded as BeatsLibrary) is a commercial instrumental streaming service and membership website which serves a curation service for artists by providing unlimited instrumentals for a single monthly fee.

The Beats Library product is designed to be easy to use on desktops, tablets, and smartphones with a seamless listening and licensing experience.

It is the world’s first instrumental streaming service, designed to simplify the process of getting access to instrumentals which had many obstacles such as price and accessibility prior to this service being launched.

Beats Library Dashboard

The Beats Library dashboard is simple to use and responsive. Newly added beats are displayed at the top and the beats are categorized into four simple categories, namely party beats, slow beats, Boom bap, and afrobeat.

This resonates well with artists who can quickly and easily navigate through each style and pick a beat quickly to enhance their creative process.

Here’s a video demonstrating how it works:

Key Features of The Beats Library

Why is BeatsLibrary a unique service?

Exclusive Beats

BeatsLibrary provides artists with access to hundreds of beats and new, exclusive beats each month.

Professionally Mixed

You can download unlimited high-quality and professionally mixed beats.

Custom Beats & Recommendations

Artists can request custom beats through the dashboard and get recommendations based on the beats they already like.

Unlimited Downloads

All beats come with an executive license and unlimited downloads.

Beats Library is a revolutionary new product that aims to enhance the creative process of artists by eliminating the need for them to search for new beats each month and focus on what they do best – make music.

With custom recommendations, exclusive beats, and unlimited downloads, artists will always get the right beat for the right song.