Month: April 2018

10 LinkedIn Blog Posts You Need To Read Today

LinkedIn Blog Posts

As of today I have officially published 10 posts about LinkedIn on this blog and I feel great because with each post I am sharing all my experiences and failures with the professional network. I started blogging about LinkedIn when I realized how powerful it was for marketing, job searching and business development. In this […]

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The Best LinkedIn SEO Guide: 8 Useful Tricks

LinkedIn SEO

LinkedIn SEO is the first step to getting discovered by business professionals. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for the next big contact to take your business to another level, a sales manager who wants to increase exposure for your brand or a job seeker waiting to land their dream job, your optimized LinkedIn profile […]

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LinkedIn Job Searching Technical Guide 2018

LinkedIn job searching is the hassle-free way to land your dream job within your industry without having to find the contact details of hiring managers at companies or ask a friend to get you in the door. With specific location, job function and experience level targeting options you can find and apply for jobs with […]

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Neova: The Best Custom Midi Controller

Custom MIDI Controller

This MIDI controller is a ring that turns your hand gestures into musical expression. Created by Enhancia, this unusual but extremely cool MIDI controller can be freely assigned to any tool on your digital audio workstation or hardware synthesizer to enable new forms of creativity. They are currently seeking funding on KICKSTARTER and have already […]

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How To Write For A Blog And Get Paid Massively

Write For A Blog

Nicebrains was founded to provide the best business and social media tools and content to a thriving online community. Today we provide tools and advice to over 315K monthly online visitors who come to discover social media tools about LinkedIn advertising, Facebook, Twitter for business and much more. For more information and a step by […]

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3 Things To Expect From Your Blogging Coach

Blogging Consultant available to coach

In the last decade I have started multiple businesses online. Some became wildly successful and others did not do so well. This experience has given me all the necessary tools I need today to excel online with blogging and business growth. In this post I will explain how I used regular content and a consistent […]

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6 Dirty LinkedIn Sponsored Content Mistakes To Avoid

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

LinkedIn sponsored content promotions are a great way of targeting the right decision makers in any company around the world. In our detailed article about how to run an advertising campaign on LinkedIn, we explained the different options available to you and how to increase ROI through LinkedIn. In this article, we will be explaining […]

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Shadowbanned on Instagram? Here’s The Quick Fix

Shadowbanned on Instagram

The term ‘shadowban’ has been thrown around for quite some time now. As harsh as it sounds it is simply a way for Instagram to combat abuse and spam on their platforms. The process of shadowbanning an account is run by several algorithms that analsyze a user’s activity on an ongoing basis. These algorithms could […]

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