Month: October 2017

5 Ways to Promote Your Business Locally

How To Promote Your Business Locally

All business owners want to succeed right from the start by growing their business quickly, generating sales leads organically and make a profit, however if you want your dreams to become a reality,you must start off by thinking small. Before you take on the world, you should dominate your local community. No matter the type […]

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5 Books To Read That Will Expand Your Mind

Books To Expand Your Mind

Over the last few months I have adopted reading as a habit. There are many reasons why regular reading is good for you, not only does regular reading make you more intelligent, it exposes you to different ideas and forces you to think differently. Reading is also scientifically proven to boost your brain power, make […]

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5 Books That Will Increase Your Intelligence

Books To Increase Intelligence

The human brain is the greatest organ created. It has the capacity to work round the clock to power your body at work, make complex decisions at school and let you know when to play or relax. For it to increasingly perform well and retain more knowledge, we need to feed it with the right […]

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The Best Elevator Pitch Example For Students

Elevator Pitch Example For Students

A quick, punchy statement highlighting your goals, interests and qualifications, most commonly known as the elevator pitch is a vital tool most entrepreneurs use to sell their business ideas or to get funding from VC’s. As a student it is essential that you perfect your elevator pitch for three main reasons: To use when you […]

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How To Improve WooCommerce Performance

WooCommerce Performance

Having a large WooCommerce store can seriously slow down the performance of your website and even affect the buyer’s decision or ability to buy. Here are some quick fixes you can implement on your WordPress site to dramatically improve WooCommerce performance. 1 – Optimise Images When your store has more than 10 products each with […]

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